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Best Flushing Toilets (2020 Reviews and Buying Guide)

Are you looking to purchase a new toilet? Do you want to find one of the best flushing toilets in the industry? Then, look no further! Your search ends here. We’ve discovered the best flushing toilet the market has to offer and created this Top 10 list just for you. You’ll find plenty of options to guide you through the details and specifications of some of the market’s top-rated toilets. Buying a new toilet can be an awkward experience for a lot of people, and unfortunately, the majority of homeowners prefer to make a quick decision instead of discussing an embarrassing but essential household appliance. Luckily, we’ve got you covered and done the research for you.

There’s no need to panic. This is a common household appliance that everyone goes through buying at least once or twice. However, don’t let go of a fantastic opportunity to find a model that suits you. You might think any toilet will do, but there are considerable differences between basic, budget brands, and luxury options. Our Top 10 list features the best models available, focusing on quality, performance, and – let’s not forget, value for money. What do we mean by “quality”? Well, there are specific standards that all toilets must meet—for instance, waste management (which is important for the environment!) and hygiene control. Plus, comfort and durability are essential! A toilet should last decades. You definitely shouldn’t be shopping for another model six months after your initial purchase. 

Performance refers to the “power” behind the flush and how waste is handled. There are several different flushing systems available that determine the strength and efficiency of each flush. No one enjoys cleaning up bathroom mishaps, blocked toilets, or bowl stains, so choosing an appliance that can handle everything in a clean and controlled manner is key. A top-quality model will handle waste with ease and dispose of it quickly. Plus, these toilets have a reduced impact on your utility bills; they provide increased power while using less water than budget options. High-quality performance will also ensure that your plumbing stays clear, and one flush is enough.

Finally, design and “character” are essential. Have you ever walked into a public WC to find a steel toilet pan with dirty wooden slats? How did that make you feel? I’m guessing, unhygienic! Design plays a big part in creating a clean and comfortable atmosphere. The perfect toilet will complement the layout and tone of your bathroom, blending into the overall feng shui of the room. Character, however, refers to how much noise the flush generates. For classy restrooms, you’ll want a toilet that operates quietly with a gentle flush. No one wants to hear a loud, harsh flush that spits drops of water up onto the seat!

Deciding to put in a little extra time and effort is the first step towards finding the best toilet in the industry. If you want to find a toilet that genuinely matches your bathroom and performs exceptionally, you’ve come to the right place. Plus, you might be surprised and discover that finding the perfect toilet for your home brings you more comfort and joy than you realized. Now, let’s get started. Here are the best Flushing Toilets available on the market! 

Best Flushing Toilets Reviews

TOTO Neorest 550h Toilet Review

TOTO’s Neorest 550h is one of the best high-end toilets money can buy. No longer will the toilet lid abruptly slam shut! This model has everything from innovative smart technology to a centrifugal force flushing system that will ensure your bathroom is left in the cleanest possible state. This particular model – and our Top Pick – is definitely something special. For those of you looking for advanced bathroom essentials from toilets and bathtubs to washbasins and hand dryers, TOTO is Japan’s leading producer of sanitary ware. 

The Neorest 550h will improve your bathroom experience in unimaginable ways. The aesthetic appeal alone is enough to make you purchase this piece for your bathroom. It features an innovative and technological design, a dual flush system, CeFiONtect technology, and more. With an automatic open and close lid, you’ll never have to worry about getting your hands dirty again. This top-rated toilet will assist you by using a sensor to detect your movements and respond accordingly (how cool is that?)—best of all, the toilet lid will NEVER slam shut. 

Among the industry’s top-rated sanitary ware brands, TOTO has one of the best flushing systems – The Tornado Flush. The Tornado flush provides a three-way jet stream that uses centrifugal force and gravity to power wash any residue and excess dirt away, leaving the bowl sparkling clean. And that’s not all, the CeFIONtect ceramic glaze, which is applied to the ceramic toilet material, prevents the buildup of fecal matter. Since this technology makes the surface a lot smoother, there’s nothing for the mess to stick to, allowing water to wash it away with ease. A clean toilet is a sign of a well-maintained bathroom, and nothing can beat the Neorest 550h when it comes to staying clean. The Neorest 550h comes with self-cleaning mechanisms that can be activated at the push of a button.

TOTO truly aims to improve your bathroom experience! The Neorest 550h detects your presence, automatically opens the lid and provides an adjustable heated seat. You’ll never want to use a public toilet again, especially after you experience the comfort of a heated seat in winter. Adjust the temperature to your liking and relax, free from any pain that can result from uncomfortable, awkward sitting. To save energy, the creators of Neorest 550h included energy-saving features: auto saver, timer saver. When using the timer saver, the seat heater will switch off at pre-set intervals during the day. 

Another feature that makes the Neorest 550h one of the best flushing toilets to buy is the adjustable washlet. We wash our hands and feet with warm water, so why stop there? The washlet sprays warm water and lets you adjust the pressure for comfort and cleansing. The washlet position can be customized further with three different cleaning modes: front, rear, and soft washing. This high-end toilet also provides oscillating and pulsing cleaning to maximize your comfort alongside a built-in air purifying system. The deodorizer starts automatically and absorbs odors while ensuring that any water particles coming into the air after flushing are purified.

TOTO is one of the best designers of sanitary ware in the industry, not just because they design elegant and aesthetically pleasing bathroom appliances, but because they create innovative new ways to eliminate waste effectively. When it comes to high-end toilets, you can count on the Neorest 550h to remain immaculate and transform your bathroom experience, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized. Many customers agree that the TOTO Neorest 550h is one of the best toilets available on the market, despite the minimal amount of cleaning a few buyers have had to make. For instance, there is a small sediment screen that needs to stay clean. For most of you, this won’t be a problem, but if you’re concerned, use one of the gentler washing modes and check the manual for easy solutions.



TOTO Neorest 700H Toilet Review

This expensive high-end toilet is one of TOTO’s latest designs. You might ask, “Why on earth is this toilet so expensive?” Well, the Neorest 700H has plenty of features that make purchasing this model money well spent (if you can afford it). Anyone putting together a list of the best, high-end toilets will agree that the Neorest 700h undoubtedly deserves a spot near the top. The Neorest 700h is easily one of the leading models available and what you would consider a state-of-the-art, luxury toilet.

The double cyclone flushing system is equipped with a siphon jet that offers a more competent flush in terms of technique and effectiveness. So, what does double cyclone flushing mean? Like a cyclone in nature, the Double Cyclone flushing system utilizes centrifugal force. This means the water encircles the bowl to clean away any dirt and residue, while the dual-nozzle propulsion system ensures that you can count on it to get the job done.

With the Neorest 700h, one flush is all you need, which is an essential feature that separates budget toilets from high-end brands. The flushing power behind all of TOTO’s toilets definitely won’t give you any trouble, and it’s undoubtedly an important feature to consider when shopping for a new toilet. Understandably, no one wants to mess around flushing twice or even three times trying to clear the bowl. For many people, flushing is your toilet’s primary job, and succeeding on the first try is paramount! Regarding the cost of this model, taking an open-minded approach is recommended. The Neorest 700h is a toilet that promises to deliver, and if it failed in any way, there would surely be some unsatisfied customers shouting about it online. But, TOTO is a reputable company known for its technological innovations and cutting-edge designs that have made them a much-loved brand in Japan and increasingly so across Europe. 

Customer reviews everywhere confirm that verified buyers are loving the Neorest 700h and are pleased with their investment that operates not only as a functional toilet but also elevates any bathroom into a luxurious and restorative experience. Many claim they’ll never buy a regular old-fashioned toilet again!

Its hard downgrade once you’ve experienced hands-free automatic flushing, heated seating with temperature control, soft closing lids, and a decorative one-piece skirted design. You can expect this toilet to offer all of these features and more. Showing a guest around your home? A typical toilet isn’t something you’d generally brag about, but the Neorest 700h is in a league of its own and definitely worth mentioning!

The Neorest 700h from TOTO is a stellar toilet, and anyone ready to transform their toilet experience will never want to leave the bathroom again—just kidding! But still, when it comes to buying household appliances, this is certainly one purchase you won’t regret! It’s impossible to be disappointed with this technology-packed toilet. Among the most expensive toilets on the market, you can rest assured knowing that you purchased one of the industry’s leading, top-rated bathroom essentials.


TOTO Ultramax II Toilet Review

This TOTO model is one of the best flushing toilets you can get at its price range! The Ultramax II is money well spent since it highlights the best features TOTO has to offer without any additional gadgetry that some may find unnecessary! For homeowners who want a fantastic flushing toilet that doesn’t break the bank but is still elegantly designed and efficient at handling waste, the Ultramax II is a solid buy!

TOTO is well-known for its Tornado Flush system and CeFiONtect Glaze that take simple waste disposal to the next level. The CeFiONtect Glaze prevents debris from sticking to the bowl, ensuring this toilet stays clean and mess-free! So, you can stop worrying about sticky residue clinging to the ceramic; water is all that’s needed to keep this toilet ultra-clean. Plus, thanks to the Tornado Flush system that redefines flush technology, this toilet is one of the best flushing toilets on the market!


TOTO Drake II Toilet Review

The Drake II is a convenient toilet that performs efficiently with comfort and hygiene in mind. It uses 1.6 gallons of water with each flush and expertly manages waste in an environment-friendly manner. You’ll be pleased to know that this toilet boasts some impressive features and stands apart from builder grade toilets, which can take two or three times to flush according to some online reviews. Of course, some of the most favorable reviews for this model are on TOTO. However, according to their certifications and satisfied customers, TOTO is considered the best in the industry when it comes to sophisticated, technological advancements that revolutionize bathroom products.

The TOTO Drake II model never fails to thoroughly clean itself on the first flush. One of the most critical components of any top-rated toilet is its ability to flush waste away. A clogged toilet creates messy situations and stress that understandably you won’t want to deal with. Along with these fundamental yet significant features is the ease that comes with installing the TOTO Drake II. The tank already comes fully assembled and factory adjusted, leaving you with much less work, which can be beneficial if you’re rushed for time or not particularly DIY savvy. The TOTO Drake II is also considered good value for money compared to other popular sanitary ware brands.

For your average household, choosing this toilet is a no-brainer! Cleaning is significantly easier because of the SanaGloss or more commonly known CeFIONtect glaze. In fact, customers are advised to avoid using abrasive tools when cleaning this toilet, as intense, harsh cleaning could wear down the SanaGloss surface. When cleaning any bathroom product, we recommend adhering to manufacture guidelines and only using the required amount of effort and specified tools. For the Drake II, a soft cloth or cleaning brush is useful for gently gliding along the ceramic surface and ensuring the glaze is not damaged.

Another prominent feature of this toilet is its flush system – with double cyclone technology, the Drake II not only flushes better but also faster! You won’t know how much you’ll appreciate a super-fast, clean flush until you’ve experienced a sophisticated bathroom showcasing the best, high-end models TOTO has to offer. Plus, not only is the flushing system fast, it’s also quiet. This model is easily one of the best available at this price range, and overall customer reviews are positive. With increased efficiency, cleaning, and power, you can confidently invest in a high-end toilet that professional plumbers and verified customers alike, call the best two-piece toilet available. 

If you need assistance setting up the TOTO Drake II, you can seek instructions and support from TOTO customer service. There are plenty of resources available online that can walk you through the process as well. With all toilets, you may have to check under the tank now and then, but as long as it’s properly installed, there shouldn’t be any problems. Choosing the TOTO Drake II to upgrade your home is a decision you won’t regret! Your bathroom will feel luxurious and enhanced by first-class quality sanitary ware at an affordable price!


Saniflo SANICOMPACT Toilet Review

SANICOMPACT is a bathroom essential that many of you will praise due to its ability to fit in tight spaces and compact bathrooms. Who said you couldn’t have a designer toilet in a smaller, private bathroom? The SANICOMPACT is great a squeezing into gaps and tight corners, and a perfect option if you’re renovating a small room into a second bathroom or ensuite. You’ll also be pleased to know that its sleek design will complement your bathroom layout and decor.

The SANICOMPACT is also one of the most water-efficient models on our list. It is designed to be easily installed anywhere in your home, including the garage, basement, or ground floor. Not sure exactly where you want your second bathroom? Don’t worry! You can purchase this model with confidence, knowing it will fit wherever it ends up. When it comes to convenience, sometimes houses need two or three bathrooms – perhaps more for larger family homes, which is why the SANICOMPACT is a fabulous choice. This model can be connected to the sink (another great bonus!), allowing the pipes to process the water that’s being drained more efficiently. You’ll also make space for future alterations you may implement into your plumbing.

Bathrooms are an essential feature to any home, so simple installation is preferred to ensure that your toilet is fitted correctly. As such, the SANICOMPACT is an excellent choice since it doesn’t require a tank to work and is relatively straightforward to setup. In place of a tank, this toilet utilizes a macerating unit that only uses 1 gallon of water per flush and starts with the press of a button. The pump is electronically timed to allow 1 gallon of water to pass through the bowl before the process stops.

The SANICOMPACT is exactly what you need if you have concrete flooring, and would rather not tear it up to install traditional plumbing. The absence of a tank means it’s smaller than other models, yet it still operates to a high standard and handles waste efficiently. It’s also quiet, and as far as toilets are concerned, the flush has a pleasant, nonabrasive tone. Plus, the pump and grinder are hidden under the base making this toilet the ideal model if you need a petite, compact solution for your bathroom.

If you’re looking for the best toilet with a minimalistic approach that tackles small bathrooms and avoids awkward plumbing, you will appreciate this model. The SANICOMPACT complements any bathroom setting and takes up very little space. Its beauty is within its stylish and slim design. This model won’t steal focus in a simplistic restroom or awkwardly stand out like old, classic-style toilets. The SANICOMPACT is certainly a contemporary solution to modern-day bathroom problems.


American Standard Champion 4 Toilet Review

With such a bold name, the “American Standard” cannot disappoint; otherwise, customers everywhere would shout out in protest. Luckily, the American Standard has earned its title for continuously designing top-quality toilets at a reasonable price, well below that of the competition. The Champion 4 is no exception and one of the best American Standard models on the market today!

When it comes to purchasing a new toilet, you can be confident and choose based on aesthetic appeal knowing that all American Standard models come with an extended ten-year warranty and are thoroughly flush tested before leaving the factory. This is especially helpful for homeowners who prefer to have confidence in their chosen brand rather than spending hours on end researching specifications, reviews, and manufacturing information. In other words, for those of you thinking, “A reputable, top-rated brand that gets the job done is enough,” the Champion is the toilet for you. The bowl and tank are also molded from vitreous china and come in three colors to make decision-making even simpler: white, linen, and bone. They also manufacture models made from fine fire clay!

A favorable feature of the Champion 4 is its EverClean surface. The EverClean surface inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria such as mold and mildew. Plus, the glossy surface is easy to clean and will retain its gleam for years. What a truly fantastic feature! You can boost the cleanliness and hygiene of your bathroom just by having this model in your home. With the EverClean Finish, you have the advantage and can relax knowing your toilet will be exceptionally germ-free. And, you won’t have to worry about nasty odors lingering in your bathroom. American Standard is responsible for designing a number of stylish, contemporary toilets with comfort, efficiency, and performance in mind. As one of the best flushing toilets in the industry, any American Standard model is the ideal fit for a champion! (No pun intended).

Flushing capacity is also an essential feature of every toilet, and American Standard knows that better than anyone. Don’t assume your new Campion 4 adheres to industry guidelines because with the Champion 4, you’re getting the American Standard! The “Champion” goes above and beyond, capable of moving a mass 70% larger than industry standards.

I’m sure you’ve seen that silly commercial of a toilet flushing down golf balls, we all have! Most likely, your first thought was, “What on earth are they doing?” But I bet your second thought was, “What model can do that?” The answer: The Champion model! Regarding flush power, there’s no competition! This beast can handle whatever challenge you throw at it!

The 4-inch accelerator flush valve uses piston action to flush water away three times faster than the standard 2-inch flush valve. Speed, performance, and efficiency make the American Standard Champion, well, a champion!

If you’re still not sure, relax. As mentioned above, this model comes with a ten-year worry-free warranty. If you have any problems or concerns, you’re covered! The ADA-compliant American Standard Champion is also suitable for people with disabilities since the elongated bowl is higher than the standard toilet. In short, this toilet delivers high performance and efficiency, favoring function over unnecessary quirks and features that high-end, expensive models tend to offer. Plus, the Champion 4 is on the lower end of the mid-price range, making it great value for money, and why this particular model is the best American Standard toilet.


Niagara Stealth Toilet Review

When you hear “Niagara,” what comes to mind? Niagara Falls, right? Take a second and ask yourself why they named this toilet, the Niagara Stealth. That’s right; you guessed it – power. This toilet’s flushing power is pressure-assisted and classified as an “ultra-high efficiency” toilet because of how well it flushes waste away. It’s clear to see why they named it after the Niagara Falls! The Niagara Stealth toilet is exceedingly efficient, rarely clogs, and should never require a second flush. Plus, with just 0.8 gallons per flush, you can expect this model to operate quietly – true to its name Niagara Stealth. This model includes a noise-canceling tank perfect for people who notice the little things and enjoy a relaxed and quiet atmosphere at home.

The Niagara Stealth also comes with the EPA approved WaterSense and is recognized for its excellence at reducing water. A typical household will save hundreds of gallons each year, and satisfied customers everywhere favor this model for exactly that reason. You can relax by knowing you’ve made a good investment that will save you money (and benefit the environment). Plus, less water equals less mess and helps avoid accidents caused by young children and pets. Moreover, 0.8 gallons per flush is, in fact, half the amount an industry-standard toilet adheres to. For instance, the American Standard Champion toilet meets industry guidelines and holds 1.6 gallons of water. As such, the Niagara Stealth is classified as a low-flow toilet, which is fantastic because not only do they save water, they also last an exceptionally long time and, in some cases, add to the resale value of your home!

This model is also made from an exceptionally durable material – vitreous china. No one wants their sanitary bathroom ware to chip or crack over time. Plus, vitreous china is an attractive material that will retain its glossy sheen for years. Another critical feature is comfort. One of the first things you notice about the Niagara Stealth is the elongated bowl design. Elongated bowls are far more comfortable than standard rounded models. Additionally, this toilet complies with ADA recommendations. It has an 18-inch high seat (3-inches higher than a standard toilet), which is great for adults and makes getting up and down a little easier. If you’re concerned about your retired parents, who struggle sitting down and getting back up again, an extra high toilet seat will make trips to the bathroom less worrisome.

If you’re an environmentally concerned homeowner, do yourself a favor and purchase the Niagara Stealth, it’s without a doubt one of the best flushing toilets and one of our favorites to install for our clients. The Niagara Stealth is an excellent choice for homeowners who prefer a quiet, relaxed home with added support in the bathroom. This unit even has a soft close lid that prevents accidentally slamming it shut. For older couples and adults, the elongated bowl and extra height also provide additional comfort and easier access (though it may be more difficult for young children). Regardless, the Niagara Stealth is still one of the best economic models available. It’s relatively easy to install, and an excellent choice if you need an environmentally-aware yet affordable option.


American Standard 2887218.020 H2Option Toilet Review

Earlier, we looked at the Champion 4 designed by American Standard, one of the best designers of affordable, top-quality sanitary ware in the industry. If the Champion 4 wasn’t to your liking, don’t worry! We have another innovative design that will add charm and style to your bathroom – the American Standard H2Option Siphonic Toilet. This elongated model comes in two heights: standard and right height, which is higher off the ground for unbeatable comfort. With a 16 and 1/2-inch rim height, the H2Option Siphonic (right height) is taller than traditional models making sitting down more convenient, especially for individuals who have trouble standing back up from a lower position. Just be aware that the taller model may make it more difficult for older individuals to reach the seat lid. However, American Standard solves this problem by letting you choose your preferred height, bowl style, and even color, making this model highly customizable and a fantastic addition to any home.

The H2Option Siphonic is a unique and praiseworthy model that enhances flushing technology used in previous American Standard toilets. Through ingenuity and creativity, the H2Option Siphonic provides powerful flushes while keeping your water usage to a minimum. This model is, without a doubt, water-efficient! And, a fantastic choice for environmentalists and eco-conscious families who want to lessen their impact on the world. If you have the money to invest in a high-end, top quality toilet, why wouldn’t you opt for an eco-friendly model? With the H2Option Siphonic, your household can support Mother Nature effortlessly (and save money) by reduced water consumption with every flush!

Many American Standard toilets are WaterSense certified, and the H2Option Siphonic is no exception. This model is an Ultra-High Efficiency toilet that complies with EPA regulations by employing a sophisticated siphon dual flush system. The system operates quietly yet guarantees a powerful flush that keeps your toilet clean. The toilet flush valve alongside gravity is the main engine that powers the PowerWash rim and siphon jet that pushes water around the bowl. Unlike the traditional flapper valve, it allows more water to gush down the glazed water channels and activate the siphon. Perfectly timed coordination of all three features provides a powerful yet efficient flushing system. This toilet also lets you choose between a full or partial flush, which maximizes this model’s water efficiency even further. Take advantage of full and partial flushing to increase your water savings. Don’t just take our word for it. Purchase the H2Option Siphonic and see how it conserves water by disposing waste in a clean and environmentally safe manner.

The H2Option Siphonic also provides an EverClean antimicrobial surface that inhibits the growth of mold and fungus – microorganisms that can cause foul-smelling odors, staining, and deterioration of the pipes. The EverClean glaze is a super-smooth surface that prevents waste from sticking to the bowl, making it easy for the PowerWash and siphon jet to wash residue away. This ensures that even after years of repeated use, this toilet is less likely to deteriorate, and due to its remarkable EverClean surface will remain clean – untouched by unsightly stains.

Whether you prefer the Champion 4 or the H2Option Siphonic, American Standard is one of the best toilet brands, offering some amazing features at an affordable price range. At just under $300, this WaterSense Certified H2Option Siphonic is a budget-friendly choice that won’t break the bank. This model is confidently a top-rated, water-efficient toilet that offers enhanced performance without compromising on power and cleanliness. Have a look on Amazon to customize your H2Option Siphonic model now!


Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet Review

For a contemporary toilet, your best choice would be the Santa Rosa – an elegant model that adds style to your bathroom environment while conserving space. But, what makes the Santa Rosa so distinctive? To find out, have a quick look at the design of this model. Stunning, right? The base is sculpted in a sophisticated and graceful manner that immediately adds character and craftsmanship to your bathroom. Besides aesthetics, the base is also functional in its design, with mounting holes attached to the bottom to guarantee stability once installed. And that’s not all. The Kohler Santa Rosa offers some impressive features that ensure optimal performance and make this model one of the market’s top-rated toilets.

After reading our review, you may want to empty your pockets for this bathroom appliance. The Santa Rosa is a high-end model that complements the layout and decor of any bathroom. There are seven color schemes that allow you to coordinate with the look and style of your bathroom. Choose from a variety of colors from White (the cheapest option), Almond, Ice Grey, and Biscuit to Sandbar, Dune, or Black (the most expensive option). This highlights just how Kohler goes above and beyond to ensure their products seamlessly integrate with their customer’s homes and personal styles. Innovation and creativity are indeed what makes a product more than just a functional household appliance when design becomes a form of artistic expression that adds to the balance and ambiance of the room. 

The Santa Rosa is a one-piece model meaning the tank and bowl are fused together to form a single unit, making installation a breeze. With a little bit of experience, you can easily set up this model by yourself. If not, there are plenty of tutorial videos on YouTube with people installing this unit successfully in under 30 minutes. The only downside is the toilet itself weighs about 100 pounds, so you may need some help lifting it. Other than that, a one-piece unit offers some attractive features that are difficult to pass up. With a single piece, you won’t have to worry about leaks between the bowl and tank! Plus, a unified design makes cleaning and general upkeep more manageable. This one-piece is also compact and employs revolutionary AquaPiston flushing technology that uses a shooting mechanism to boost the power and effectiveness of each flush. This ensures water flows into the bowl with speed and efficiency, eliminating waste and keeping the toilet clean and muck-free.

The Santa Rosa also includes a Brevia Quiet-Close Seat and Lid while the Comfort Height feature offers chair-height seating that makes it easier for older individuals to get up and down. At 17-inches, users can expect this model to provide increased comfort and support. If you suffer from any joint of back pain, the Santa Rosa will definitely improve your bathroom experience. Plus, the higher bowl can be beneficial for the knees, putting less pressure on the joints and offer real advantages to taller people, the elderly, and mobility-challenged individuals.

All in all, the Kohler Santa Rosa is one of the best flushing toilets on the market in terms of elegance and style. Yet, it still offers fantastic performance and flushing technology. Single-flush gravity and a precision-engineered tank, bowl, and trapway create a strong siphon during flushing while the AquaPiston increases the strength and effectiveness of each flush. For optimized functionality, aesthetics, and comfort, the Santa Rosa with its Comfort Height and Quiet-Close Seat won’t disappoint. When you can have a high-performing, functional appliance that also offers a sophisticated and innovative design, it would be a waste to compromise for anything less. The Santa Rosa is more than just a bathroom appliance: it’s a decorative piece that will elevate your bathroom experience and complement your style.


Galba Toilet Toilet Review

This model is significantly smaller than the ones listed above and definitely the one to go for when renovating or choosing a new toilet for a smaller bathroom. You will notice this model is more petite in comparison to other appliances, but don’t worry! The Galba feels and operates like a full-size model. Its smaller design won’t jeopardize your comfort! In fact, this model is one of the best compact designs on the market for petite bathrooms.

The Galba is a one-piece toilet with a Self-Cleaning glazed surface that will not scratch, rust, fade, or discolor. Notice that this feature is different from the previously mentioned EverClean surface, which prevents bacteria growth. The Galba offers enhanced durability, reassuring customers that it can handle any messy situation you happen to throw at it. No scratches, rust, or discoloring ensures your toilet will always be in great condition!

The Galba comes with a new, improved elongated seat. “What’s different about that?” you might ask. Well, the plastic is harder, sturdier, and passed the National GB Standard Cleaning Water Test and MaP Testing. Certified products install confidence in their performance, and the Galba is a toilet that has passed all its hygienic tests. The water level is lower than standard models, which will require more cleaning, but the glazed surface will help keep it free from minor damage. Plus, with proper care, this model will hold it’s new, out of the box feel.

The dual flush mechanism is adequate at handling a fair amount of waste and allows you to select a full or partial flush to save water. You might be nervous about choosing a compact 90-pound model for $500, but the purchasing the Galba is money well spent! Since, it will pay for itself in two years thanks to its water-efficient technology.

For a compact, size optimized solution for small bathrooms, the Galba is the answer if you’re looking to get one of the best flushing toilets on the market. Graceful and stunning in design, the Galba will guarantee your bathroom doesn’t let the house down in style and decor. Plus, it will get the job done too!


Best Flushing Toilets Guide In 2020

The one thing that every one of us needs to use is a toilet. And, when you are considering remodeling your bathroom or even building a new home, you might find that there is a larger variety of toilets than what you might realize. And, finding the right one for you might be harder than what you thought.

Because of the large variety of toilets on the market, you need to make sure that you consider all the facts and information about the different toilets before you make your final decision. You need to know what your needs are, and what you are looking for in a toilet. This is why you should read and remember this buying guide when you are considering upgrading or replacing your toilet:

What to look for when buying a toilet

There are a couple of things that you should consider when you are purchasing your toilet. With this information and buying guide, you will know for sure that you are going to purchase the toilet that is going to be the best fit for your household. Some of these things that you should consider before buying a toilet, you might not even think about.

Best toilet brands

There are a lot of toilet brands out there, and you shouldn’t just go out there and buy one without really considering the brand! To make sure you’re opting for the best toilet brand and to avoid having regrets a couple of weeks/months later, here are the best toilet brands as well as the most sold ones:

  • TOTO Toilets: TOTO’s toilets are the most technologically advanced ones
  • Kohler Toilet: They are also great toilets ( especially the wall mounted ones) with a lot of great reviews
  • American Standard Toilets: you can’t go wrong with American Standard! These are basic and simple toilets, but they get the job done.

Technology advancements

So many people might not know about it, but High-Tech is also present on some  toilet models and it’s making them smarter. It goes without saying that this doesn’t mean that you need to go out and buy the latest toilet with all the latest technology. You can just buy add-ons that you can add to the toilet, to make it even better with newer technology.  Some technology improvements that you can purchase for the toilets are:

  • Tank monitor: With the tank monitor, you are going to be able to monitor if there are any leaks or overflowing of the tank. You are just installing the monitor and add sensors to the toilet bowel as well as the tank. Then, these sensors are making an alarm the moment that the toilet is starting to leak or if the tank has a risk of overflowing.
  • Integrated Bidet: The latest high end toilets combine bidets and toilets systems in one package. This feature allows you to gain more space in your bathroom. These bidet systems have also adjustable nozzle position and water pressure, which can make your toilet experience even more enjoyable.
  • Listening to music. There are some serious music lovers out there, and with this attachment available, you can listen to music while using the toilet. Some of these attachments have speakers and even a SD slot where you can add your music to. You can purchase toilets with this attachment, or you can purchase the attachment alone.
  • Deodorizing toilet seat: We all know the smells that can be found in a bathroom. With this deodorized toilet seat, you can have freshly smelled the bathroom all the time. The seat can be purchased separately and can fit onto basically any toilet.
  • Toilet lights: So many people that are using the toilet at night, wish there was a way of seeing what you’re doing without switching the light on. With the toilet light that is being installed in the inside of the lid will be able to give you light when you don’t want to wake your family in the middle of the night.

Some of these attachments can be sold separately, while others can be bought with a toilet. It depends if you’re looking for a new toilet or if you are just looking for an upgrade in technology.

Standard toilet or intelligent toilet?

One thing that you need to decide, when you are considering updating and upgrading your bathroom is the type of toilet that you can purchase. There are some people that are going for the standard toilet, but if you have the budget, then you might want to consider the intelligent toilet.

Yes, there is something like an intelligent toilet. This is a toilet with some added technology that you can use when you are going to the toilet. Many people think that this is only the rich and famous that can purchase this type of toilet, but this isn’t true. This type of toilets is getting more and more popular in the US, even though you can find these smart toilets in every household in japans for example.

Features that an intelligent toilet has:

Before you can decide if you want to purchase and invest in the intelligent toilet, instead of the standard toilet, you need to know the features that you can expect from an smart toilet.

  • One of the most common features on an intelligent are the integrated bidets and heated toilet seats.
  • Automatic seat covers opening, when the sensor feels a person coming closer to the toilet. Meaning that you never have to deal with a toilet with an open seat covers ever again.
  • The ability to set the temperature and the pressure of the water. Making it easier to flush the toilet the first time and to keep the toilet clean at all times.
  • Having a dual flush option. Choosing if you want to have a half flush or a full flush.

Things you need to consider when choosing between standard and intelligent toilet

There are people that are still wondering if they should purchase the standard or intelligent toilet for their homes. If you are still wondering what type of toilet you want to purchase, then you should make sure that you are considering these things:

  • The price that you are able to pay. The one thing that you should know is that you should take your budget in consideration before you can decide which toilet you are going to purchase. The intelligent toilet is much more expensive than the standard toilet.
  • Are you prepared to use the intelligent toilet? This might sound stupid, but there are some people that don’t feel comfortable in using a toilet that can play music, and that are opening and closing the lid for you. Especially, the older generation. There are again benefits of purchasing the intelligent toilet, if you have a child that is still potty training. They love the new type of toilets and will use it often.


One thing that will depend on the type of toilet that you are going to purchase is the budget that you have. Some people have more room in their budget for a higher quality toilet, while other people need to make sure that you are going to purchase an economical toilet that doesn’t cost too much. When you have a tight budget, you might be struggling to find the toilet that you really want, and you need to settle with second best. Here are things that are influencing the budget of the toilet:

  • The brand and type of toilet that you is going to purchase. Are it the one piece or the older two piece toilet in the market? The one piece can be more expensive, but because of their benefits, people are starting to consider purchasing the one piece over the two piece.
  • The color of the toilet. If you are purchasing the normal white toilet, you are going to pay less than when you are purchasing the colored toilets. The more exotic the color, the more you are going to pay. If budget is a problem and you don’t have a large budget, you need to make sure that you consider to purchase the white toilet.
  • Some of the different shapes of the toilet will also have an influence on the budget. The unique and more modern shape toilet is going to cost a lot more than the normal shape toilet.

When you are considering purchasing a toilet, you need to make sure that you know what your budget might be. You need to know what type of toilet and what toilet brand you can afford. It is easy to get carry away and purchase the best and most modern toilet, but you can’t really afford it in the first place. Your budget will be the one thing that will help you decide on what toilet you can purchase.

Water efficiency

In the countries where water is something that is getting scarce a lot, water efficient toilets are really essential. This is why in most countries, there are some rules and regulations about the type of toilet that they have. Most prefer the water efficiency toilets that are not wasting water.

The problem with water efficient toilets is that people are afraid that the water will not be enough to work correctly. And, this is one of the reasons why many don’t consider purchasing these toilets. However, there is a great option for those who want to save water, without struggling to get a clean toilet. This is known as the dual flush toilets.

With these dual flush toilets, you can decide if you want to have a full flush or if you want to have a half flush. Saving water, when you don’t actually need to have a full flush. These are toilets that are popular in hotels, restaurants and other public areas. However, it can also be a great thing to consider, when you are upgrading your toilet. It is always a great idea to save as much water as possible, and there is no reason why you can’t have a toilet that is water efficient and that are still affordable.

When you choose a toilet with its hygienic potential in mind, you will make sure not to glaze over the benefits of the self-cleaning, antibacterial surfaces that come with it. The right choice will also minimize the chances of accidents. If any accidents do occur, you are assured that cleaning up the mess will be a short and light task. You can also expect for the inside of the toilet to be clean the majority of the time.

Another option that you need to consider is if you want to purchase the one piece or the two piece toilet. The one is more expensive than the other one, but more economical at the end of the day.

If you are going to order a 2 piece toilet online, you are going to pay two different prices and you are also going to pay for the delivery. People don’t consider the delivery costs and think that this might be the better option.

The other thing that you should consider when deciding between the 1 piece or the 2 piece, is if you want to modernize your bathroom. If this is the case, then you should consider the 1 piece, because it is the more modern one between the two. The one piece looks better in a modern bathroom and is a lot easier to install, if you are doing the installation yourself. One piece toilets come with sleek designs which, in my opinion, looks better than a two piece toilet.

The one piece is easier to clean and is more hygienic. Another benefit of the one piece toilet, is the fact that you can save some space with it. This is an ideal toilet to have if you have a small bathroom and you want to make sure that the bathroom doesn’t look too small.

Elongated or round bowl shape

The one thing that people don’t really know, is that there is more than one shape toilet that you can purchase. You are able to purchase the round bowl shape toilet, or the elongated bowl shape. People don’t really know why this can be important to choose the right type of shape. Here are some reasons why the shape of the toilet is essential:

  • The shape can make the toilet more comfort;
  • It can reduce floor space of the bathroom;
  • The price of the toilet can depends on the shape of toilet;

Here is some information about the two different shape toilet that you can purchase:

Elongated bowl shape

The Elongated bowl shape is oval or a rectangular shape toilet. These shapes tend to be wider, longer and a lot more comfortable than the round bowl shape. Most toilet brands come in Elongated shape.

It is giving more support to your thighs and it won’t hurt you in any way when you are a larger person sitting on the toilet. The problem with the elongated bowl shape, is the fact that because it is larger than the round one, it is taking more space in the bathroom and this can be a problem when you have a small bathroom.

Round bowl shape

Because this is the normal type of shape that you can find a toilet in, this is the more affordable one to consider. However, the round shape is the one shape that is uncomfortable and really not a toilet shape to consider if you are a larger person.

Smaller children find the round toilet a lot easier to use, and they will have less chance of falling into the toilet. It can happen that a child can call into the toilet, if the toilet’s bowl is too large for them.

Before you can make the final decision on the shape of a toilet that you are going to purchase, you need to make sure that you know about how easy it is going to be to find replacement parts of your toilet. Some shapes are harder to find parts as the older models. So, this is something that you should consider before you make your final decision.

Toilet height

The height of the toilet really does count. If you are a tall person, you need to ensure that you are purchasing a tall toilet that is able to install at a higher angle, a comfort height toilet is the best option in this case.

We all think that most toilets have the same height, and that there aren’t toilets available for different heights. However, if you are searching for a toilet that doesn’t have the normal height, then you should consider ordering a custom made one that will be best for you and your height.

There are some of the toilets that are at the designed level for children. You will mostly find these toilets at schools or other areas where there’s many children. This is to make it easier to use for them and to get on and off the toilet without the risk of injury.

ADA  and other certifications

The one thing that you should not compromise on, is the ADA approval on a toilet. If you are purchasing a toilet, and there isn’t an ADA mark on, you need to know that this isn’t an approved ADA toilet. Meaning that you might not get a high quality and long lasting toilet.

Many people don’t see this as a requirement to purchase a toilet, but it is one of the most essential things to look for before purchasing a toilet. A toilet needs to have the right requirements in order to get this stamp of approval. And, without this stamp, you will not know if you are going to get a toilet that is high quality and that will be working correctly.

You might consider purchasing one that doesn’t have the ADA stamp on, because it is going to be cheaper. But, remember that cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean better and a special.

The best flushing toilets are certified through the ADA, EPA, WaterSense, and other reputable tests. Because each of these toilets are trusted by government-enforced standards, you should have an assurance that your buy has received the proper amount of concern and careful testing.


This isn’t debatable. You should make sure that no matter what, you are going to get a warranty on a toilet when you are purchasing it. Most of the time, the warranty might be 1 year. But, there are some cases where you can find a warranty of 18 months or 2 years. This is the first thing that you should ask, before you make a decision on purchasing a new toilet.

Don’t ever even consider purchasing a toilet if you don’t get a warranty with it. There might be a reason why you won’t get a warranty and why they don’t want to add this to their toilets. A warranty means that when the toilet breaks, you can get it replaced or repaired without any additional costs.

Size and design

Because of our modern world and the technology that are getting better and better, you can have now different size and design toilets to choose from.

If you are choosing a toilet that is going to be installed in the bathroom with the bath and the sink in one room, then you should make sure that the design is the same. This is just so that the bathroom will look like a unit and not just three objects into one room.

When you are considering the size, you need to make sure that you have enough space in your bathroom for the size toilet you have in mind. Especially, if you are going to upgrade the whole bathroom and you are considering purchasing a larger bath than normal. There are too many people out there that regret purchasing a specific size toilet, because they didn’t take the space available in consideration. Taking measurements might be a great option to ensure that you are going to choose the right size, the first time.


When it comes to purchasing a toilet, there are some essential things that you should consider, before you can make your final decision. So many are making the mistake to think that you are going to the first shop, choose a toilet that looks nice, without even considering anything else.

You should make sure that you take in consideration what your budget for the toilet is, the size of your bathroom and if you want to have a standard toilet or an intelligent toilet. Other things that you should also consider is if you want to have a one piece or a two piece toilets. And, if you want to add some of the technology advancements for your toilet.

No matter what you are looking for, this guide will ensure that you don’t make a mistake when upgrading your bathroom and purchasing the wrong toilet. These things are all things that you should consider and know about, before you can make your final decision. The most important consideration is the available budget that you have for purchasing a new toilet. Your budget will let you decide if you are looking for something modern or something standard and economical. A last thing is, that you should make sure that you will be able to use the toilet for a long time, and that you will feel comfortable on it, and that it will be best flushing toilet for you and your family. Then, you will know for sure, that you have made the right choice and that you can live with the toilet for years to come.

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