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Neorest 550h Review

TOTO’s Neorest 550h model is one of the best high-end toilets you can dream of. This beast have everythink you can think of from detectors to smart technology that will make your bathroom break a better experience. Here is our detailed Neorest 550h review: [amazon...

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Neorest 700h Review

The Neorest 700h toilet is the Rolls Royce of toilets in the market. It’s a one-piece technology-packed toilet which offers the best comfort and hygiene a toilet can possibly offer. TOTO’s  MS992CUMFG  model has an elongated toilet/bidet which is always a better...

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TOTO Ultramax II Review

TOTO Ultramax II is probably one of the best toilets you can have for its price range. Unlike TOTO's Neorest toilets, this fancy toilet doesn't have much extra features, but it's sure can get the job done. You can have a comfortable toilet with sleek design and water...

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