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If you are like most people, discussing the different types of toilets is something you’ll want to shy away from. Going to buy one will also not be one of your favorite things to do. But eventually, you’ll have to get a toilet if your old one gets broken, or you’re moving into a new home. Having this shyness towards discussing toilets shouldn’t make you get a substandard product. And while there are several types to pick from, Kohler Santa Rosa is a toilet that you’ll love to have in your home.

We’ll take you through the reasons why we think this is the perfect toilet for you in this review of the Kohler Santa Rosa.

Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated 1.28 Gpf Toilet with Aquapiston Flush Technology And Left-Hand Trip Lever, White
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Kohler 3810-0 Santa Rosa Comfort Height Elongated 1.28 Gpf Toilet with Aquapiston Flush Technology And Left-Hand Trip Lever, White
  • One piece toilets integrate the tank and bowl into a seamless, easy to clean design
  • Compact elongated bowl offers added comfort while occupying the same space as a round front bowl
  • Comfort height: Feature offers chair height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults
  • Standard left hand trip lever included
  • 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf)

Kohler Santa Rosa Review

Overall Description

The Kohler Santa Rosa is a one-piece toilet that integrates the tank and bowl into one design. Because the toilet sits opposite the door in small bathrooms, a regular elongated toilet can restrict the door’s swing. It’s a good thing the Kohler Santa Rosa has a compact bowl! This design affords you a lot of comfort, with space-conservation toppings! It aces this by reengineering the trapway so that it is closer to the wall, while still meeting the standard 12-inch size requirement.

Product Specifications

  • Item Weight: 102 pounds
  • Product Dimensions: 31 x 20.8 x 29 inches
  • Size: 12 inch
  • Color: White
  • Finish: White
  • Material: China
  • Shape: Compact elongated
  • Installation Method: Floor Mounted
  • Water Consumption: 1.28 Gallon Per Flush
  • Flush Type: Gravity Flush Toilets
  • Handle Placement: Left
  • Number of Handles: 1

Key Features

  1. Excellent Flushing System

It really doesn’t matter if a toilet looks nice, and it is very cheap. If it does not have a superb flushing system, then it’s no good. An AquaPiston canister allows water to flow into the bowl of the Kohler Santa Rosa from all sides, increasing the power and effectiveness of the flush. This doubles as an efficient cleaner, keeping the toilet bowl sparklingly white all the time. With a 3:2 ratio, the flush valve harnesses the natural force of gravity. It is the reason why the toilet has a high flush performance.

The Kohler Santa Rosa tank has a capacity of only 1.28 gallons. As opposed to the conventional 3.5-gallon volume of most toilets, you’ll save over 16,500 gallons in one year! The best part is you’ll get all of this without a decline in performance.

  • Comfortability

The Santa Rosa toilets feature chair-height seating. This makes sitting down and standing up easier for many adults.

The bowl also includes a soft close seat. The close seat has unique grip-tight bumpers that hold it firmly in place to prevent it from shifting. Asides functional features, the close seat boosts the aesthetics of your bathroom.

  • Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning a toilet is important, and no one likes a dirty one. The flushing system of Kohler Santa Rosa does an excellent job of getting the content of the bowl away, but sometimes, you’ll have tough stains to deal with. To help in the external cleaning of the toilet, Kohler has made this model to have rounded corners, which will prevent the growth of mildew and bacteria. You can use any regular toilet detergent to remove tough stains.

  • Warranty

When you buy this toilet from Kohler, you’ll have a 1-year warranty that covers the maintenance and repair of faulty parts. The company has a department that’ll respond to issues the moment you bring them forward. However, you’ll not have many problems using the Kohler Santa Rosa. It has had many users over the years because of how durable it is.

  • Ease of Installation

The toilet is easy to install, and it comes with an instruction manual that’ll help you out when fixing each part. It’s so easy that you can do it all yourself, without needing an extra hand. Nevertheless, you should get a plumber to fix the pipes that’ll be connected to your water supply system.

What we like about this product (Pros)

  1. Quiet flushing: The roaring noise of a toilet flush can be embarrassing, especially when you have visitors around. Luckily, you’ll not experience such with the Kohler Santa Rosa. Because of the small quantity of water it uses and its gravity system. The flush of this contemporary toilet is unbelievably quieter than most.
  2. All-in-one: Isn’t it amazing that you have all you need in one set? What other manufacturers put as many accessories in their toilet set as in the Kohler Santa Rosa. You don’t have to buy anything extra to have this toilet working.
  3. The toilet is ADA compliant, so it is suitable for people with disabilities.
  4. The toilet boasts an EPA WaterSense certification: This means that the Kohler Santa Rosa has been certified to meet the performance and efficiency criteria of EPA WaterSense.

What we don’t like about this product (Cons)

  1. The lid is a bit fragile, so you’ll have to be careful when using it. If you think you’ll break the lid or the seat, we advise that you get a thicker one.

How to install the Kohler Santa Rosa

Before you start the installation process of the new toilet, you should get your old toilet out of the way. The installation steps to follow are;

  1. Make sure the flange is ready to be used: The hole on the floor should be open. If you’ve had an old toilet in the position you intend to put the new one, then you don’t need to worry about this step because it should have been done already.
  2. Next, put the toilet bolts on the flange. They should slide into the holes that are created for them in it. After this process is completed, put the wax ring and make it slide down. The wax ring acts as a gasket between the flange and the toilet’s base.
  3. If you assessed the installation environment and see that the water supply line may be in a tight corner, this is the stage to have a new one fixed. Going on without solving this problem will create issues for you in the future.
  4. Next, put the one-piece Kohler Santa Rosa toilet in. The best way to have it installed is to keep it between your legs and carry it from the seat. Since it is asymmetric, lifting it from any other place can cause the toilet to fall. Make sure that it fits into the toilet bolts that you have previously put in place.
  5. When you have the toilet in place, and you are confident that it won’t rock, put the toilet bolt washer in. Watch out for the instruction that says ‘this way up.’ You’ll also need to put a nut. When securing the toilet with a plier, ensure that you don’t tighten it too much. This can cause the toilet to crack since you’ll be using a metal tool on a porcelain material.

We recommend that you don’t use a socket wrench to tighten the bolts. Unless you are skilled at knowing when to stop tightening, the chances of breaking the toilet bowl using this tool are very high.

  • Next, connect the water supply line to the tank. Since both the fitting and the pipe are made from plastic, you should only hand-tight the water supply to the tank. Using tools will likely cause a break in either material or a shift in the fill valve of the toilet.
  • Once the supply line is fixed, ensure that the toilet actually works by trying it out. Turn the water on to fill the tank and bowl. You’ll want to give it a couple of test runs before finishing the installation. Put a piece of toilet paper in, and watch it get flushed. If it doesn’t work well, then you’ll probably need a plumber to come have it checked out for you.
  • Next, put the tank lid on. The toilet seat should follow this. Don’t forget to put the dust cap on the bolts as well.
  • Finally, you can give the toilet another flush, just to be sure that everything is working as they should.

Cleaning the Kohler Santa Rosa

The tools you’ll need to clean the toilet are: rubber gloves, toilet cleaner, spray cleaner, paper towels, a brush, eye protection, nose, and face mask.

  1. First, remove everything that is around your new toilet. Cleaning can be a messy job, and there’s a good chance that toilet water or the splashing cleaner gets in your face. Also, don’t forget to remove the things on the top of the Kohler Santa Rosa tank’s cover to prevent them from dropping into the bowl while you clean it.
  2. The next step is to flush the toilet and add the cleaning detergent into the bowl. Make sure that the seat’s lid is down to prevent spraying or splashing. When applying the cleaner, ensure that it is as close to the rim as possible to prevent it from diluting.
  3. Use the time while you wait for the solution to soak the toilet’s bowl to clean the exterior of the toilet. Start off with the top, to avoid drippings while you work. Don’t forget to get to the handle and the edges of the tank as well. At this point, the ground will likely be dirty or filled with water, so give it a mop.
  4. Next, focus your attention on the toilet seat. As a part that is very easy to forget when cleaning the Kohler Santa Rosa, have it at the back of your mind to give it a good scrub before you begin cleaning. Wipe the hinges and the entire seat, then use a cloth to clean and remove traces of cleaning solutions from the seat’s surface.
  5. The next step is to clean the bowl. Again, begin scrubbing from the top down, and look under the rims to get grime and stains away. Don’t be afraid to stick the brush as far in the bowl as possible and get the drain hole clean.
  6. When you are done cleaning, use a paper towel to wipe all the parts of the toilet. You’ll also need to call a plumber once in a few months to have the tank cleaned to prevent rusting.

Warnings and cautions when cleaning the Kohler Santa Rosa

  1. Ensure that all safety measures are taken before you begin cleaning the toilet. The solutions you’ll be using can irritate parts of the body, so don’t risk not using safety equipment.
  2. Avoid using sponges when cleaning your new toilet. If you don’t have a brush, chances are that you’ll want to substitute it for a sponge. This is a bad idea because sponges provide a perfect environment for bacteria to breed. If you must use a sponge to clean the Kohler Santa Rosa, then ensure that they are completely sterilized first. Reusable cloths should also not be used to clean your new toilet unless you wash them thoroughly with bleach.
  3. Make sure that the type of cleaner you get works well with porcelain. The white body of the Kohler Santa Rosa is made from porcelain. So, products that contain chemicals that can damage the toilet should be avoided. It is best to stick with popular brands if you are not sure of the type of detergent or cleaning solution to use on the Kohler Santa Rosa.

In summary

Kohler is one of the leading toilet brands in its industry, providing amazing features and spicing things ups with exciting technology. The company not only promises to deliver quality, but also reliable and safe toilets for you to use. It takes comfort seriously and seeks to ensure that customers get exactly what they want in every product. We’ve discussed a standout toilet from Kohler called the Kohler Santa Rosa. Not only is the stress of having to connect a tank to the body of the toilet non-existent in it, but the toilet also boasts of having a seat that offers a high degree of comfort. No matter the feature that appeals the most to you, the Kohler Santa Rosa may just be all that you need in a toilet.

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