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Buying a toilet seat is something everyone has to do from time to time. While it may seem like an unimportant decision at first, this can in fact be one of the most significant yet underrated decisions you will ever have to make. After all, the average toilet seat is designed to last for years of daily use. Even if you only used your toilet seat once per day, over the course of time this can add up to thousands of uses. Additionally, your toilet seat performs one of the most intimate functions, getting more up close and personal than just about any other item in your home. Thus, choosing the best toilet seat is not a bad idea.

Fortunately, there are many toilet seats that are designed to offer comfort, convenience and quality available on the market today. Some of the leading names in bathroom fixtures have created innovative designs and technology to make your next toilet seat more enjoyable than ever before. This article will review 10 of the best toilet seats, discussing the pros and cons of each. A buying guide and editor’s pick at the end will further help you in deciding which toilet seat is right for you.


Toilet Seat Round BATH ROYALE BR620-00 White Premium Round Toilet Seat Slow Close, Replacement Toilet Seat Fits All Toilet Brands including Kohler, Toto and American Standard
5,141 Reviews
Toilet Seat Round BATH ROYALE BR620-00 White Premium Round Toilet Seat Slow Close, Replacement Toilet Seat Fits All Toilet Brands including Kohler, Toto and American Standard
  • FITS ALL TOILET BRANDS including Crane, Universal Rundle, Eljer, Delta, Bemis, Caroma and Gerber. Also fits toilets with non-standard mounting hole spacings 4.5-6.5 inches. IMPORTANT: BEFORE YOU ORDER, please measure your toilet bowl (see images) to determine if you need ROUND or ELONGATED size. NOTE: Bath Royal toilet seats are not compatible with bidets, grab bars or risers that install between the seat and bowl.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Helps keep your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. One touch QUICK RELEASE immediately detaches seat/cover from toilet, eliminating the nasty area between the hinges where urine, grime and odor-causing germs usually collect. NOTE: When cleaning, do not spray or saturate the mounting bases or hinges. Spray your cloth first, then wipe.
  • NO LOUD SLAMMING – Slow Close prevents accidents including cracked toilets and pinched fingers. Simply tap forward and watch the seat and/or lid close silently and softly by themselves. Closing too slow? Push it closed. Unlike other brands, Bath Royale’s soft close can be forced closed repeatedly without issue. Great for everyone, including people with lower back pain because user doesn’t have to stoop or bend to lower the seat.
  • MORE SANITARY & STAIN RESISTANT - Made of polypropylene, a light, relatively soft plastic that is non-absorbent, chemical and stain resistant. Bath Royale uses 100% pure (not recycled) polypropylene because it is stronger and produces a beautiful, high-gloss finish. The seat and cover will flex, but guaranteed not to crack, break or permanently deform. Our polypropylene will last for years with proper care and cleaning, but scratches relatively easily (so avoid abrasives and hard sharp objects).
  • DURABLE & LONG LASTING - Tested to 400 pounds, all Bath Royale seats feature stainless steel mounting hardware that holds your seat firmly in place. 4 seat bumpers evenly distribute weight. Unlike painted wood or padded soft seats, Bath Royale seats are a solid color throughout and will not chip peel or fade. 2-YEAR WARRANTY is double most other brands.

In terms of overall performance, design and customer feedback, our number one pick for the best toilet seat has to go to the Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat with Cover, White – Soft Close, Quick Release for Easy Cleaning. This toilet seat offers all of the latest innovative designs, including hinges that are both soft closing and easy to remove. These features ensure this seat is both easier to use and easier to maintain. Additionally, three color choices and an elongated and round option ensure that this seat will fit on any toilet and will compliment any bathroom décor. Most important, however, is the customer feedback on this model. A customer rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars, from over 1,000 reviews, makes this the best toilet seat in virtually all current toilet seat reviews.

Best Toilet Seats

Best Toilet Seat Reviews


KOHLER K-4734-0 Rutledge Toilet Seat Review

Kohler is a brand that is very well known and trusted when it comes to faucets, toilets and other bathroom fixtures. Their reputation for elegant design and reliable performance makes them a cut above the rest. This reputation carries over into even the most basic of products— the replacement toilet seat. Kohler has incorporated their innovation and style into the Rutledge Quiet-Close with Grip-Tight Bumpers Elongated Toilet Seat. Designed to provide a balance of function and fashion, this toilet seat is an ideal choice for anyone with an elongated toilet.

The Quiet-Close design of the lid ensures that the lid will never slam shut like those of cheaper models. Not only will this guarantee silent lid closings every time, but it will also keep young hands safe when closing the lid. This is ideal for anyone with small children or for those who use the bathroom late at night while others are asleep.
The Rutledge is equipped with Grip-Tight bumpers. This helps to ensure that the toilet seat stays in place by keeping it firmly in position. Unlike other toilet seats that begin to loosen over time, this model won’t loosen or begin to wiggle with use.

Kohler has introduced its patented Quick-Attach hardware with this model. This means that anyone can install this seat quickly and easily, without the need of any additional tools or parts. Additionally, Kohler’s Quick-Release hinges allow for easy removal of the seat. This will not only help when replacing the seat, but will also make it easier to give the seat a good thorough cleaning.

As you would expect, the Rutledge toilet seat is as elegant as it is functional. With a range of four colors, including white, skylight, biscuit and almond, this seat will add a touch of class to any bathroom décor.
With a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars, from over 380 customer reviews, this seat has been fairly well received so far. Some customers were unhappy with the fittings, saying they didn’t work as well as expected. Others were unhappy with the low design of the seat. For the most part, however, the majority of customers were happy with the slow close design and overall performance.

American Standard Cadet Elongated Slow Close Toilet Seat

There are few names more synonymous with bathroom fixtures than American Standard. Years of innovative designs and technology have made them one of the most trusted manufacturers in the business. While the toilets they produce are made to last for a lifetime of use, the toilet seats themselves are not. Fortunately, American Standard has produced a toilet seat for their Cadet 3 model, one of the most commonly used toilets today. The Cadet Elongated toilet seat is a reliable and durable seat, easy to install and maintain.

One of the biggest hassles with replacing a toilet seat is the installation. American Standard has overcome this problem by fitting the Cadet toilet seat with lift-off hinges. This allows for easier installation and removal, perfect those who like to give their toilet seats a more thorough cleaning from time to time.
The slow-close design of the Cadet’s lid means you never have to worry about the lid slamming shut ever again. This is particularly useful for those who don’t want to wake their spouse while using the toilet late at night. Additionally, you will never again have to worry about young children getting their fingers pinched when closing the lid.

As you would expect, the design of the Cadet toilet seat is as durable as it is intelligent. Made from industrial grade polypropylene plastic, the seat is lightweight as well as strong. The crisp white finish is as easy to clean as it is elegant in appearance.
This seat is designed for use with any elongated toilet. As well as fitting the Cadet 3 toilet from American Standard, it can fit any elongated toilet in use. Additionally, installation is quick and easy, requiring no additional parts or tools. You can use a pair of pliers for extra tightening, although hand tightening the fittings is often enough.

With a customer rating of 3.7 stars out of 5 stars, from 58 customer reviews, this model has been moderately well received so far. Some complained that the plastic construction was cheap for the cost, however most seemed well satisfied overall.

KOHLER K-4647-0 Stonewood Toilet Seat Review

Kohler introduces another touch of class with the Stonewood Molded-Wood with Color-Matched Plastic Hinges Elongated Toilet Seat. This model takes the already functional and chic design of Kohler’s elongated toilet seats and adds the element of a molded wood construction. As well as providing a more durable feel the molded wood creates a softer, more soothing look than the plastic models offered.

Three separate color options ensure that this toilet seat will compliment any bathroom décor. Choose the white model for a crisp look, the almond model for a softer color, or the biscuit model for a more country look. Kohler adds the finishing touch by providing color matched polypropylene hinges, preventing the harsh look of hardware that other models have.
The elongated shape of this seat is ideal for Kohler’s elongated toilet models. Fortunately, if you have an elongated toilet from another manufacturer this seat will still fit perfectly. Additionally, this seat is constructed to fit with both one piece and two piece toilets.
The molded wood construction keeps the seat from getting as cold as its plastic counterparts. An ergonomic design provides the most comfort of any hard material toilet seat. All in all, this is a seat intended to be enjoyed, not just used.

With a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars, from nearly 1,200 customer reviews, the Kohler Stonewood is one of the highest rated toilet seats available. One drawback was with customers who said the seat couldn’t sustain weight of over 250 lbs. Some customers stated that brass color fittings would have gone better with the softer colors. Otherwise, just about everyone agreed that this is one of the best ergonomic toilet seats on the market.

KOHLER K-4774-0 Brevia Toilet Seat Review

Kohler has produced one of the most well balanced toilet seats in terms of design, function and features. The Brevia with Quick-Release Hinges Elongated Toilet Seat provides the comfort that Kohler seats are renowned for, as well as style, durability and overall convenience. Fitted with Quick-Attach and Quick-Release hardware, this seat can be installed or removed faster than just about any other seat available. However, as this model is built to last, you shouldn’t have to worry about removing it for some time to come.

Choose between six different colors with this model. The classic colors of black and white are joined by the softer colors of sandbar, biscuit and almond. Ice gray finishes out the wide range of colors available for this seat. No matter what bathroom décor you have, Kohler ensures that this model will not only compliment it, but that it will add a touch of sophistication as well.

Kohler’s patented Quick-Attach fittings mean that installation is both quick and easy. Simply place the seat in position and tighten the fittings until snug. No additional tools, parts or experience is required. Furthermore, the patented Quick-Release design allows for instant removal. Not only will this make replacing the seat easier down the road, but it will also allow you to easily remove the seat for a more thorough cleaning.

The contoured shape of the Brevia makes this model one of the most comfortable toilet seats on the market. The polypropylene plastic construction makes the seat both lightweight and durable as well. Additionally, the polypropylene plastic makes this a more stain resistant toilet seat than its wooden counterparts.
With a customer rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 stars, from over 365 customer reviews, the Kohler Brevia toilet seat has been fairly well received so far. Some customers were unhappy with its low profile construction, but overall its design and performance met with a high level of approval.

Mayfair Bamboo Toilet Seat Review

Mayfair is another name that is renowned for quality and attractive design in bathroom fixtures across the US. With over 50 years of innovation and reliability, Mayfair has established itself as an industry leader. One of the chief things that sets Mayfair apart from others is its blend of simplicity and elegance. The 19401NI 568 Solid Bamboo Toilet Seat is a perfect example of Mayfair’s focus on detail and overall performance. This seat is a perfect choice for anyone looking for a round or elongated toilet seat with a touch of sophistication.

Mayfair is committed to doing more than just providing top quality products. They go the extra distance to ensure that environmentally friendly materials and manufacturing processes are used when making any of their products. Additionally, all Mayfair products are American made, guaranteeing high standard working conditions for all employees.
With a customer rating of 3.6 stars out of 5 stars, from 375 customer reviews, the Mayfair Solid Bamboo toilet seat has been fairly well received overall. The biggest complaint was that the hardware failed to stay secure, meaning that it had to be tightened regularly. Otherwise, the quality and performance of this seat have met with positive reactio

Mayfair 48SLOWA 000 Toilet Seat Review

The Mayfair 48SLOWA is a toilet seat designed to combine innovation with the reliability people have come to expect from Mayfair. The molded wood construction provides durability and comfort, while Whisper-Close and STA-TITE technology provides top level function and performance. This is an ideal choice for anyone looking to replace their current toilet seat.
This model follows Mayfair’s tradition of versatility in its designs. Available in both round and elongated forms, you can use this model on virtually any toilet. Additionally, three color options ensure you find the right match for any bathroom décor. Choose from white, biscuit or bone for that added touch of class to your bathroom.

Mayfair has fitted this model with their Easy Clean & Change hinge system. This innovative system allows for easy installation without the need of additional parts or tools. Additionally this system enables easy removal, thus making it easier to give your toilet seat a more thorough cleaning from time to time.

The patented Whisper-Close design means that your toilet seat and lid will never again slam shut. This is especially beneficial for anyone who uses the bathroom late at night while other people are sleeping. Another benefit with this design is that it protects small children from hurting their hands when closing the toilet lid.

Mayfair’s patented STA-TITE seat fastening system eliminates the dreaded loosening that so many toilet seats experience during use. Never again will you find yourself shifting as a result of a loose toilet seat.

In addition to innovative technology, this model provides comfort, durability and resilience. The molded wood construction means this toilet seat will endure years of daily use and abuse. Furthermore, a special high gloss finish is both scratch and chip resistant, adding even greater durability. The ergonomic design of the seat makes it as comfortable as it is durable, guaranteeing that you are well taken care of in every way.

A customer rating of 4.2 stars out of 5 stars, from 2,240 customer reviews, attests to the quality, design and performance of this model. The only real complaint was that it was not capable of handling more than 265 lbs on a consistent basis. Otherwise, customers were well pleased with its comfort, appearance and overall reliabili

Bemis 500EC000  Toilet Seat Review

The Bemis 500EC000 is a perfect blend of simplicity, performance and reliability. It offers a solid molded wood construction with a hinge system that makes installation and removal quick and easy. A high gloss finish provides both a durable and easy to clean finish that will keep this toilet seat looking new for years to come.

This model is equipped with the easy clean and change hinge system. Each hinge twists, enabling you to remove the toilet seat while leaving the hinges on the toilet itself. This makes it possible for you to give the seat a thorough cleaning without any extra effort or headache.

Installation of this model is as easy as tightening a few bolts. No extra tools or parts are required, as tightening the bolts by hand is usually all that is required. If additional tightening is needed, simple pliers will do the job.

The high gloss white finish offers a crisp, clean look to any bathroom. Additionally, this finish is scratch and chip resistant which means that the toilet seat will keep its lustrous appearance for years to come. Furthermore, the finish allows for easy cleaning. A damp cloth is all that is required for this stain resistant toilet seat.

A customer rating of 4.4 stars out of 5 stars, from a full 1,435 customer reviews, makes this one of the most highly rated toilet seats available. The only real issue was that the fixtures would come loose with consistent use from people over 220 lbs. Otherwise, customers were very happy with the look, performance and reliability of this model.

Bemis 1500EC000 Toilet Seat Review

The Bemis 1500EC000 is the elongated version of the 500EC000 model. Offering the same durability, features and performance, this toilet seat is an ideal replacement for any elongated toilet.

This model is constructed with molded wood, making it both durable and more solid than many plastic models. A chip and scratch resistant high gloss finish helps to keep this toilet seat looking like new, even after years of daily use.
An easy clean and change hinge system makes the Bemis 1500EC000 super easy to remove. Each hinge twists, releasing the toilet seat while leaving the hinges attached to the toilet. This makes it possible to give the seat an extra thorough cleaning without having to detach the hardware.

Installation is both quick and easy, requiring no additional tools or parts. Simply hand-tighten the bolts until the seat is firmly in place.

For daily cleaning, the high gloss finish requires no more than a quick wipe with a damp cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners as these will harm the high gloss finish. It is also recommended that mild soaps or detergents be used while cleaning, as harsh chemicals can also adversely affect the finish.
With a customer rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 stars, from nearly 650 customer reviews, the Bemis 1500EC000 has been very well received. Customers were very pleased with the ease of installation and the overall reliability of this model.

Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat Review

Bath Royale has introduced its latest and greatest toilet seat design— the Bath Royale Premium Round Toilet Seat with Cover. This seat is the perfect balance of performance, design and reliability. Soft Close technology means the seat will never again slam shut. Additionally, quick release hinges allow for easy removal, enabling you to keep your toilet seat extra clean at all times. All in all, this is a perfect model for any toilet in any bathroom.

The Bath Royale Premium is as versatile as it is reliable. Available in three colors, white, biscuit, and almond, you will find a seat that compliments your bathroom perfectly. In addition, this model comes in both round and elongated form, meaning that you can find a model to fit any toilet.

Constructed from polypropylene plastic, this model is designed to endure years of use and abuse. As well as being durable, this seat is easy to clean, requiring only a damp cloth for a quick cleaning.

Installation is quick and easy with this model, needing no extra tools or parts. A hand tightening of the bolts is usually all that is required to make the seat nice and firm. Furthermore, 1-Touch Quick Release hinges allow for easy removal, enabling you to give the seat an extra deep cleaning. You can also keep all hardware residue-free this way, thus eliminating odors that can plague any bathroom.

The Soft Close seat and lid ensure that you will never again have to worry about slamming the lid accidentally. This is ideal for anyone who uses the bathroom late at night, or for anyone with small children who can get their hands pinched when the lid slams shut.
An unheard of rating of 4.8 stars out of 5 stars, from 1,020 customer reviews, makes the Bath Royale Premium one of the most highly rated toilet seats on the market. Customers were impressed with the quality of the construction, including all of the hardware. Additionally, the performance of this model left nothing to be desired.

LDR 050 1020WT-SC Toilet Seat Review

The LDR 050 1020WT-SC is a standard round toilet seat that offers durability and performance for a reasonable price. Slow closing hinges ensure the end of toilet lid and seat slamming, eliminating loud noises and sore fingers. The solid plastic construction provides a durable yet lightweight seat, designed to be long lasting and easy to clean. Ideal as a replacement for any round toilet.

This model is both quick and easy to install. Simply hand-tighten the nuts onto the bolts and you are ready to go! Additionally, the hardware is non corrosive, ensuring long use and a continual shiny appearance.

Slow closing hinge technology means that you will never have to worry about waking anyone up when using the bathroom late at night. This also means young children will be safe from slamming lids that can pinch tiny hands.

The plastic construction and polished finish means that you only need to use a damp cloth and mild detergent to keep this seat clean and residue free. The stain resistant finish will help keep this model looking like new for years to come.

A customer rating of 4.0 stars out of 5 stars, from 180 customer reviews, indicates that this model has been well received so far. Some customers complained that the construction didn’t hold up well, and that the seat was too thin. Most customers, however, were happy with the overall performance of this model

Guide for Choosing the Best Toilet Seat

With the introduction of innovative technology and designs, there can be a great deal more to consider than you would expect when choosing the best toilet seat for your needs. Everything from hinge technology to the materials used in construction can make all the difference in the world between a toilet seat that suffices and one that performs above and beyond your expectations day in and day out. Furthermore, failing to take these variables into consideration can result in you purchasing a toilet seat that underperforms, leaving you regretting your decision for years to come. In order to avoid that undesirable outcome, here are some key factors to consider when choosing your next toilet seat.

Fastening hardware

One of the most common grievances with any toilet seat is that the hardware can become loose over time. This results in the seat shifting when you sit on it. While this is not necessarily dangerous, it can be very annoying. You expect anything you sit on to be secure and safe. Thus, when your toilet seat shifts it can be very unsettling. Some manufacturers have addressed this common problem by equipping their seats with hardware that stays tight. If a shifty seat is a problem for you, then look for any seat with STA-TITE or similar technology listed. This will ensure that your toilet seat stays firmly in place for the life of the seat, eliminating that annoying shifting.

Slow close hinges

There are few things more frustrating than when the toilet seat or lid slams shut. While this may not happen with great regularity, the unfortunate truth is that it usually happens at the worst time. This is especially true for anyone who uses the bathroom late at night. Going through the effort of silently making your way in the dark to the bathroom so as to not wake up anyone sleeping, only to have the lid slam shut when you are done, is nothing short of infuriating. Fortunately, this is another issue that top name manufacturers have addressed and solved. Slow closing hinges, given different names depending on the maker, ensures that the seat and lid will never again slam shut. These hinges are designed to bring the seat and lid to a soft close by restricting the speed with which the hinges move. In addition to keeping your bathroom trip silent, this technology is also beneficial for small children who can get their tiny fingers pinched by slamming seats and lids. Therefore, if tiny fingers or late night jaunts are very real concerns for you, then slow close hinge technology is something you need to be on the lookout for if you’re looking to get the best toilet seat.

Quick release hinges

Another hinge innovation is the quick release hinge. This allows you to remove the toilet seat and lid without having to remove the installation hardware. These hinges usually twist or lift, allowing you to remove the seat and lid while leaving the hinges still attached to the toilet itself. Needless to say, this is a huge plus for anyone who likes to give their toilet seat a more thorough cleaning from time to time than just a quick wipe with a cloth. In addition to helping to keep the seat clean, quick release hinges will also help you to clean the hinges themselves. This will allow you to remove any residue that can contribute to unwanted bathroom odor.

Round or elongated

One of the most important things is to buy a toilet seat that actually fits your toilet. Thus, before you go shopping make sure you know whether your toilet needs a round lid or an elongated lid. Fortunately, most models have round and elongated options, so your choices won’t be limited either way. Still, you don’t want to get home and realize you got the wrong one.

Plastic or wood

Toilet seats in general are either constructed from molded wood or polypropylene plastic. While the plastic designs are often lighter and easier to keep clean they can be thinner than their wooden counterparts. Thus, it is important to know how thick you want your seat to be. If you want a thick seat, wood is the choice for you.

Customer reviews

When you know the type of seat you want you still may have a few models to choose from. In this case, customer reviews can be of the utmost help. People who have purchased the product will tell you how well it performs. This will enable you to weed out the underperforming models and focus on the ones that meet expectations. After all, this is something you will be using for years to come, so you want to make sure it has been well received by those who have bought it already.

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