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To a lot of people’s surprise, tankless toilets are not a new phenomenon. This design has been around for many years. The origin of tankless floor-mounted toilets can be traced back to the 20th century. Unfortunately at that time, this design was not received well. The main reason for this could be that they did not have the same technology as we have now in some of the best tankless toilets.

For years, the toilet industry has been refining the design. All of this to create a universally flattering formula. Companies came up with different and unique features that can make this essential turn in to luxury. Moreover, it is no surprise that over a couple of years, tankless toilets have gain rapid popularity. The reason is simple, these toilets are not just hardware but a lifestyle.

Sometimes the product is expensive and people want to invest in longer-lasting hardware. But for people who are interested in upgrading their toilets, the research could be tedious. This is why we have tested several popular products and are proud to present to you the best tankless toilets available in the market. This tankless toilet review is jammed pack with all the information you need to know before placing your order.

Our Top Picks for Best Tankless Toilet

Best Value for Money
Swiss Madison Well Made Forever
Best for small toilets
Saniflo 023 Sanicompact
Best Smart Toilet
WOODBRIDGE Smart Bidet seat Toilet
Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-WT442 Concorde Wall Hung Toilet Bowl, Glossy White
Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet
WOODBRIDGE B-0960S B0960S Smart Bidet seat Toilet with Integrated Dual Flush with Remote Control, White
+8 Reviews
205 Reviews
+31 Reviews
Best Value for Money
Swiss Madison Well Made Forever
Swiss Madison Well Made Forever SM-WT442 Concorde Wall Hung Toilet Bowl, Glossy White
+8 Reviews
Best for small toilets
Saniflo 023 Sanicompact
Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet
205 Reviews
Best Smart Toilet
WOODBRIDGE Smart Bidet seat Toilet
WOODBRIDGE B-0960S B0960S Smart Bidet seat Toilet with Integrated Dual Flush with Remote Control, White
+31 Reviews

Premium Value – Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Ivy Tankless Toilet

With an adjustable height and dual flush feature, Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Ivy Toilet can be a good option if you are looking for a tankless, wall hung toilet for your place.

Best Value – Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet

With the ability to conserve water and help to keep your space as clean as possible, Saniflo 023 Sanicompact self-contained toilet does its job extremely well.

Best Pick -WOODBRIDGE B-0960S B0960S Smart Bidet seat Toilet

This particular toilet is jam-packed with multiple features that will benefit you in the long-run. With an efficient and effective flush power, it is a wise investment.

Best Tankless Toilets Reviews

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Ivy Tankless Toilet

Swiss Madison Well Made Forever Ivy Toilet is one of the best tankless toilets that you will find in the market these days. With an exceptional dual flush option, the toilet gives high-performance at a gravity of 0.1 and 0.8 Gallon per flush (GPF).

The most noteworthy feature of this particular tankless toilet is that it is compatible with every type of carrier brand. Moreover, the design is kept simple, sleek and seamless which gives the unit a sophisticated touch.

Furthermore, the product possesses a quick-release seat that closes as well as opens gently and within seconds.  The seat has been made from an easy to maintain plastic material that can easily be taken off the unit with just a single push on the button. Thus, if you want to clean the seat separately, all you need to do is push the button! It’s as easy as that!

The Swiss Madison toilet is a one-piece unit that is mounted on the wall. Another great things is all the screws and bolts that are needed for installation come with the toilet when you order it. Since the unit is wall-mounted, it is extremely easy to clean the entire unit without any difficulty.

In addition to all of the above unique features, the toilet is scratch resistant and made from durable ceramic material which ensures its long life. This is one of the reasons Swiss Madison is one of the best tankless toilets in our list.

Key features:

  • Ceramic material used
  • Dual flush feature for water saving
  • Sleek design
  • Installation Method: Wall Hung

Pros (What we like)

  • Easy Installation.
  • Saves up space due to its compact and small size.
  • The dual flush feature helps to conserve water.
  • The height of the toilet can easily be adjusted.

Cons (What we don’t like)

  • The water level inside the toilet is very low.
  • You might need to clean the toilet frequently.

WOODBRIDGE B-0960S B0960S Smart Bidet seat Toilet

Quality Construction with an elegant design is the key feature of the WOODBRIDGE tankless toilet. With a smooth and sleek one-piece low profile design, the toilet can look good in any type of theme you might have for your bathroom.

Whether you want a pulsating wash, posterior wash or feminine wash, this particular model has it all. Not only has this but the unit lets you adjust the water pressure, dryer temperature and water temperature. Furthermore, it provides you filtered water so you do not have to worry about even 0.01% about your hygiene.

The toilet gives you a hands-free operation with its auto-flush option. As soon as you get up from the seat, the toilet flushes itself! Furthermore, it also has an auto open and close option –the lid of the unit automatically lifts within seconds as you approach the unit! The seat is heated and you can adjust the temperature of the seat as you see befit!

The unit also possesses a deodorizer which keeps the air as clean as possible. It possesses several ionized carbon filters that work to eliminate all the unpleasant odors within the bathroom. The unit also has self-cleaning nozzles, safety on/off sensors and energy-saving mode as well!

It takes maximum care of your hygiene. The product has CSA and UPC Certifications thus you can be sure that if you purchase this particular tankless toilet, you will be getting nothing but an all-rounder unit that does everything it is supposed to do!

Key features:

  • Material; Ceramic
  • Installation Method; Floor Mounted
  • Night light
  • Auto open and close lid.

Pros (What we like)

  • Possesses a cool blue night light.
  • You can also have hand-help or wall-mounted touch-screen remotes.
  • Has Air filters that clears out all the odors in the air.
  • It contains a powerful and efficient working dryer.

Cons (What we don’t like)

  • The remote might malfunction.
  • The manual is a little misleading.

Saniflo 023 Sanicompact Self-Contained Toilet

Made from Porcelain, The Saniflo Sanicompact self-contained Tankless toilet can fit into places where many traditional and conventionally built toilets cannot fit. It is small in size with a smooth prototype that makes it fit in any type of bathroom.

A self-contained toilet has a composting system with the compost chamber just beneath the bowl. This is specifically perfect for people with a small bathroom space or the people on the go.

Furthermore, the toilet uses the minimum amount of water thus; it will not add any extra dollars to your water bill. It uses only 1 gallon of water per a singular flush.

The toilet allows a vertical pumping up to 9 feet and horizontal pumping up to 100 feet! The toilet also allows you to connect it to a sink for convenience. With an easy floor mounted installation, it can be set up in a loft, an attic, basement, in a garage and even under a stairway! Other than that, it is perfect for the bathrooms in your RV or boat. The toilet seat has chrome hinges which are included in the box.

It has automatic flushing action as well as the macerating pump cycle. All you have to do is press the air switch on the top of the toilet. The mechanism of the flushing is electronic which allows only the set amount of gallons (1 gallon) per flush. Furthermore, the discharge elbow can rotate 360 degrees to accommodate the installation.

Key features:

  • Material; Porcelain
  • Easily fits anyplace because of its small size
  • Discharge elbow rotate in 360 degrees
  • Uses minimum amount of water

Pros (What we like)

  • Water-efficient self-contained toilet –uses 1 gallon/flush.
  • The discharge elbow can rotate in all directions to fit into a particular space.
  • The non-return valve prevents backflow into the toilet.
  • Has an electronically timed flushing mechanism.

Cons (What we don’t like)

  • The ejection line has a plastic mold which is not very durable.
  • Mediocre flush power.

KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Tankless Toilet

KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Tankless Toilet has a compact design with a wall-hung installation. It is a one-piece unit that has an elongated bowl to offer optimal comfort.

To give the unit an elegant and sleek touch, the mounting hardware is hidden. Furthermore, since it is a one-piece wall-hung unit, it is very easy to clean. You can use a cleaning cloth or a mop to wipe the toilet as well as the area surrounding and under it without any difficulty.

Not only is the hardware concealed, the in-wall tank and the carrier system are also completely concealed from the eyes to give the unit an overall sophisticated finish. KOHLER knows that space is considered as a precious commodity in the bathroom, thus it has made its unit as accommodating to the notion as possible.

To further make the unit as comfortable as possible, this tankless toilet has a grip tight reveal Q3 seat. Besides, the unit has a dual-flush actuator which lets you choose between two flush options – a 0.8 gallon per flush or a 1.6 gallon per flush.

The bowl can easily be set between 15 ⅜ till 28 ½ from the floor of your bathroom. With a strong and sturdy steel frame brackets, you can be sure that it has robust installation flexibility.

Key features:

  • Ceramic material used for great shine
  • Wall hung installation
  • Sleek one-piece unit
  • Dual flushing feature
  • Robust model

Pros (What we like)

  • The carrier system and in-wall tank are completely hidden.
  • The toilet has a seamless, sleek outlook.
  • Has an elongated bowl for maximum comfort.
  • Possesses a grip tight reveal Q3 seat.

Cons (What we don’t like)

  • It can be difficult to clean.
  • The side panels keep falling off. They are attached with Velcro and sticky tape.

Ove Decors Tuva Tankless Eco Smart Toilet

Ove toilets are one of the best in the market. What sets this tankless toilet apart from other products on this list is the package they provide. Ove is not just a fancy looking hardware. It does not work as a fancy showpiece in your lavatory. But this device has several features and can make your life a bit easier. This elongated white ceramic toilet will be suitable for everyone because it makes adjusting height possible.

Let’s start with the first feature that is effective cleaning. With this toilet, you can choose the flushing settings to either automatic or manual. It will remember your preferences for the future. In addition, there is no need to touch the dirt flush anymore, set it and forget it. This toilet also offers automatic water sprayers, dryers, and heater. Well, a sprayer is not a revolutionary feature in the tankless toilet but Ove has done things differently. Now you can choose from the 4 different water pressures. Select the one which suits your preferences the best.

This product is energy efficient and how efficient if you may ask? Well, EPA has set a guideline that no toilet should flush more than 1.6 gallons. Ove has gone above and beyond to follow the rules here, this tankless toilet only uses 1.27 gallons per flush. Which means the Ove toilet consumes 20% lesser than the actual EPA limit.

How many times you had to use the toilets in cold winter nights and postponed it? Was it because just the thought of cold seat gave you chills? Fortunately, Ove knows what its target audience has been facing for years. This is the reason that it offers treated seats now and this is not any newbie heated seat. Furthermore, with Ove, you can easily set the preferred temperature of the seat. The seat will heat it up whenever you want.

You might be thinking how will you change all these settings because this product claims to have optimum hygiene? The answer is simple, it comes with remote control. This is the most extravagant feature but also reasonable at the same time. So, all of the cool settings that we talked about earlier are accessible via the remote controller. Also, you do not have to worry about connecting the remote. Because it is already connected to your unit.

Key Features

  • Manual and automatic flush
  • Bidet and spray wash
  • WaterSense Certified
  • 4 seat height adjustments
  • Night LED light

Pros (What we like)

  • Rear and front spray
  • Contemporary design
  • 4 adjustable water temperature
  • Soft-close prevents noises

Cons (What we don’t like)

  • The seat top is not automatic
  • The remote system sometimes does not work properly

TOTO Washlet G400 Integrated Toilet

Last but not least, this toto G400 model is the last of our best tankless toilet guide. This brand is not new in the tankless toilet game and has been around for years. But Toto has been piping out some of the best toilet seats lately. This Toto Tankless Toilet is one of their best products. This cotton white toilet is one of its kind since it possesses dual flush technology. It does not mean that the toilet flushes twice. It only flushes once (1.28 gallons) but the tornado technology doubles the effect.

One of the main issues house owners have is cleaning the toilet. The Pre-mist feature prevents waste from adhering. Toto tankless toilet seats also have CEFIONTECH. This sounds confusing but what this technology does is that it lubricates the inside of the toilet seat. This process also prevents waste from sticking to the toilet. CEFIONTECH and pre-mist along with the tornado technology help keep the toilet clean.

Toto toilet just like any other smart tankless toilet comes with a remote controller. This remote can be used to adjust the water pressure and temperate. But what makes this toilet unique is that you can use the controller to adjust the direction of the wand. Most of the tankless toilets do not have this option. On top of that, the wand also has a self-cleaning feature. Which makes sanitizing the wand easier with just one single touch on the remote.

Having an automatic bidet or water sprayer is common in tankless toilets. The reason is to keep the experience as hygienic as possible. But Toto has gone one step further in making the toilet completely hand-free. Also, the lid of this toilet seat opens and closes on its own. The toilet has a sensor that does it work when you walk in and opens the lid for you and closes it when the job is finished.

This product has a long list of amazing features, the front and rear spray, soft and strong pressure are to name a few. People hang perfumed pockets in the toilet but the built-in deodorizer that Toto offers works amazing. This sleek ceramic seat will not only make your toilet look classy but it also makes it smell nice.

Key Features

  • 3D tornado flush technology
  • CEFIONTECT & Pre-mist
  • Universal Height
  • WaterSense Certified
  • Built-in air deodorizer

Pros (What we like)

  • Self-cleaning wand
  • Automatic open/close lid
  • 5 water pressure adjustments
  • Auto energy saver
  • 5 seat warming temperate settings

Cons (What we don’t like)

  • The dryer is not powerful enough
  • Users found settings complicated

Buying Guide


What Features to Consider when Buying the Best Tankless Toilet?

Tankless toilets are not a “one fits all” and comes with various features. To help you select the best tankless toilet, the following are some of the main features and there benefits. Invest your money in the product that has most of your preferred features for a premium experience.

Size, Weight & Shape:

Big bulky toilets are already out of fashion. What is trending these days are the sleek and compact toilets. There are a few different shapes of a tankless toilet that you can own. Some have a contemporary shape. Meanwhile other has a skirted design with slanted lid. The diameter of the toilet opening also matters. Most toilets come in different sizes. So, if you have your mindset on one product even though it looks small, try and find a bigger size. Most toilets come in different sizes so, buying a smaller size is not worth it.

Floor or Wall Mounted:

Tankless toilets usually come in two different types. One is simply installed on the floor, but the other is a wall-mounted seat. Both have their advantages. As the floor-mounted one is supposedly more secure and can hold more weight. On the other hand, a wall-mounted toilet will take up less space and makes cleaning the floor easier.

Adjustable Height:

Just like the size of a toilet, the height also varies. For single people having one height toilet is fine. But a family with members of different ages might not feel comfortable with one size. This is why families prefer a toilet with an adjustable height. So, everyone can select the height that suits them. Adjusting the height is not difficult and does not require any contact. It is done totally from the remote control device.


Toilet seats are made of different materials. Ceramic, plastic, bamboo, veneer, and even wood. Meanwhile, it depends on the user to choose the material of the product, the ceramic one is recommended if you’re looking to buy the best tankless toilet. Because ceramic not only give the toilet a nicer look but it is also strong.

Water Consumption:

According to EPA’s guideline, a gallon per flush in any toilet should not exceed 1.6. So always check for WaterSense certification. This feature will not only save water but also the same as your money. The top-notch tankless toilets are offering 1.3 gallons per flush feature at reasonable prices.

Automatic & Powerful Flush:

The flush of any tankless toilet should be enough powerful to flush out the waste without wasting water. The top brands are introducing double power flush. The technology uses the same amount of water but doubles the force. This feature makes the toilet energy efficient and saves water. Meanwhile, a flush is powerful, it should also be automatic. This will make the toilet complete no-touch. Usually, toilets have a sensor that triggers the flush after the user has departed.

Heated Seat:

This feature has all to do with the comfort factor. A heated seat can make a toilet seat 100 times more comfortable. Usually, smart toilets have seats that can change temperature on users’ will. Some prices nowadays come with even smarter options. You can also schedule the temperature and timing. For example, 30° C at 8 0’ clock in the morning.

Water Pressure & Direction Adjustments:

Most toilets come with at least 3 water pressure adjustments. So the user can choose the one that is needed at the moment. Some toilets have even more options. The newer products are coming with adjustable directions too. Mostly the direction available in the rear and front sprayer, and the directions are easy to select with the remote controller.

Adjustable Water Temperature:

Just like the heated seat, adjustable water temperature also makes the experience more comfortable. Even in the summer, some people prefer warm water. A toilet does not have a wide range of waste temperature adjustments. But, any product with 4 to 5 adjustments will suit most of the users. Just check what these adjustment temperatures are and if you are comfortable with them.

Dryer & Heater:

Most people prefer having a dryer in their toilet seat for obvious reasons. But having a dryer is not enough. The built-in drying feature should be adjustable. A toilet with at least 2 different drying levels would work great. A heater feature is a bonus for those living in cold cities. As people like using the dryer in summer and heater in winter.

Automatic Toilet Lid:

Whether the toilet is tankless or not, the automatic lid is popular nowadays. What does an automatic toilet lid do? Nothing fancy. To make it simple, a toilet with an automatic lid has a sensor. When it senses occupancy, the lid opens up. This feature makes a toilet user-friendly and the process hygienic.

Lubricated Toilet:

How many times have you tried to scrub a dirty toilet? It sounds gross because it is gross but cleaning the toilet is a necessity. But if you want to just install a toilet and forget about it then lubricated one is the best for you. So what this feature does? Well, it creates a moist layer on the inside. This lubrication makes cleaning easier.

Built-in Deodorizer:

There are few ways to make a toilet smell great. Some people use air spray while other wash towels with fragrant soap in the hope that it will enhance the overall smell of the toilet. You can also use perfumed pockets. But if you are lazy, just get a toilet with a built-in deodorizer. This feature prevents bad odor and makes the toilet smell fresh. You will also save a lot of money on scented toilet products.

Smart Wand:

Some toilets have built-in sprayers while others have a wand and some have both. While one is not better than the other but if the toilet has a wand it should be a smart one. Why is that important? Users can change the direction of a smart wand using the remote. Some wands even have a self-cleaning feature that creates a bacteria-free environment.

Remote Controller:

Most of the smart tankless toilets come with battery-powered remotes and are easy to run. Because what is the point of having all of these amazing features when in the end you have to touch the toilet? Therefore, for having optimum hygiene the toilet must run with a separate remote.


If you are on a tight budget do not think you deserve a low-quality product. The market is full of surprises. It is possible to get a top-notch tankless toilet at a budget price. All you have to do is a little bit of research. Maybe at a budget price, you will not get the premium quality product but that is ok. Focus on the features that you can not comprise on and then leave it there fancy one behind. This will make selection an economical option easier.


There is no point in getting an inexpensive toilet if it does not come with a warranty. It is not farfetched to say that warranty is extremely important. Though it comes with only a 1-year manufacturer warranty will give you the right to return the defected product. It is common for Amazon products to come with a 1-year warranty. But it would be nicer if the manufacturer offers one. Also, do not get a paid extended warranty, as most use claims they are just a waste of money.


Tankless toilets are becoming a staple of modern houses. The sleek and compact look gives a minimal vibe. Along with the high tech features, this toilet is becoming people’s favorite. Tank-style toilets and tankless toilets use the same amount of water. Even sometimes, the best tankless toilets are more water-efficient. But even with the low water consumption, there is never any issue with the flush.

The flush of these toilets has a “no-contact” technology. The toilet senses the occupancy and flushes according to that. The sensor also uses the same sensor to open up the lid sometimes. Moreover, you get a heated seat toilet if life in colder weather seems impossible.

In short, some of the best tankless toilets are filled to the rim with amazing features. They are a value for money product and most customers show a high satisfaction rate. The users have left reviews that tables toilets, in general, have made their life easier. In addition to that, they claim the toilets now have a modern vibe.

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