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There are reasons why people flock to steam rooms at fancy hotels and at the gym. Not only does it feel good to use them but they are very healthy for you too. What many people do not realize is that it is totally possible to add a steam room to their own house. If you are interested in being able to have steam therapy in your own home, one of the best ways to go about doing this is to add a steam shower or steam generator.

In case you are not familiar with how these steam emitting devices work we will go over a little bit more about them in this article. We will also do some steam shower reviews and some steam generator reviews of the top models of each that are available in the marketplace. When you are finished reading this article you may even want to purchase one of these great steam devices for your own home.

Top Model Steam Showers

Ariel Platinum DZ961F8-BLK-L Steam Shower

If you want the ultimate shower experience then this steam shower unit will certainly provide it for you. Ariel has done a great job with this model steam shower. You can enjoy both the benefits of steam heat and hot pulsating jetted water at the same time.

This product has a really nice steam generation feature. Its 6000 watt steam heater makes steam quickly and in large enough quantities to nicely fill the entire shower stall. You can enjoy the relaxing and healing benefits of steam virtually anytime you require it.

There is also a pulsating massage function associated with this steam shower too. There are six adjustable acupressure jets that can be directed toward any area of your body that you feel will benefit from them.

You don’t have to pamper yourself with this steam shower every time you use it if you don’t want to either. It has a high flow rainfall shower head and a handheld shower attachment also.

The different effects that this steam shower can produce are all very easily controlled by the user too. It has a simple to operate control panel that allows you to use steam, acupressure or the other steam shower features at the touch of a button.

This is a really good looking unit too. It will nicely compliment the looks of any bathroom that it is installed in. It features tempered glass doors with brushed metal accents around them. It has a simulated wood floor inlay and comes with two stools to use while in the shower also.

What is one of the best things about this well-designed steam shower product? It’s the fact that more than one person can enjoy its many therapeutic and relaxing qualities at once.


  • Quick therapeutic steam heat
  • 6 Massage jets
  • Rainfall and handheld shower attachments
  • 6000 watt heater for the sauna unit
  • Control panel w/timer


  • Tough to install
  • Owner’s manual and instructions need improvement

Bath Masters 8004-A Home Bathtub Spa Sauna, Corner Steam Shower Room

Here is one of the most versatile shower/steam shower units on our review list. The manufacturer gives you many choices on how you want this product to work for you. No matter which way you choose it will definitely make your new shower experience much better than ever before.

This unit can be bought to use as just a shower or you can choose to buy the optional steam generator that is available for it. The steam generator unit is easy to install and give you all the added benefits that come with soothing and healthy steam heat.

If you choose to use this as just a regular shower it still has much to offer you as you use it. It all starts with the cascading rainfall showerhead that is installed at the top of the unit. There is also the handheld shower wand that can be used by you to direct water anywhere on your body or it has a sliding holder that will turn it into stationary showerhead.

There are also six therapy jets that are built in this shower/steam shower unit also. These will direct a vigorous pulsating blast of water at the various muscle groups on your body. These actions will sooth aching muscles and release the tension in them at the same time too.

You can choose to set the lighting for your shower any way you want it too. For more of a relaxing experience you can use the many different Blue LED lighting functions or you can choose to stick with more conventional lighting choices too.

This shower/steam shower unit conveniently installs as one piece too. All you have to do is hookup the electrical and the incoming plumbing lines. It is a good looking product too. With its glass doors, aluminum alloy accents and decorative ABS plastic construction it will complement the looks of any type of bathroom it is installed in.


  • 6 pulsating jets
  • Overhead rainfall shower
  • Sliding hand-held shower attachment
  • Includes several different blue LED lighting choices and ceiling fan
  • Excellent steam shower kit available for purchase
  • Control panel w/timer


  • Shower steamer feature sold separately
  • Smaller in size

Bath Masters Steam Shower Enclosure Spa Sauna Whirlpool

You would be hard pressed to find a product that could give you a better all-around bathroom experience then this steam shower bathtub combo. Most people find it to be an incredible product once they find out all of the different functions it can perform. It is like having a jetted bathtub, sauna and shower all rolled into one unit.

Sometimes when you use this steam shower jacuzzi whirlpool tub combo product it’s hard to decide which feature you like best. For instance, when you use it as a bathtub you can choose to just relax in some hot water or turn on the massage jets for a different kind of bath experience.

There is also the steam generation feature. With the press of a button you can fill up the enclosure with some healthy and therapeutic steam heat. This feature is great to sweat off a few more pounds of water after a vigorous workout or to open up your breathing passages with moist air if you suffer from seasonal allergies.

The pampering doesn’t stop with the water features on this unit either. There is even a CD stereo with FM radio built into it too.  The various lighting options can be selected too simply by pressing a button on its touchscreen controls.

This combination sauna/bath/shower product has some style to it also. Its bathtub unit has a high gloss white finish to it and the metal portion of the inlays is made of decorative aluminum alloy material. The tinted glass is a nice added touch too. This unit will definitely not look out of place in most any type of bathroom it’s installed in.

It’s no wonder the steam shower generator reviews on this product are always highly favorable. It is an amazing piece of equipment to have in any bathroom.


  • Sauna/shower/bath combination
  • 6 whirlpool jets in the bathtub portion
  • Overhead rainfall shower/Handheld shower option
  • Includes several different blue LED lighting choices and ceiling fan
  • Included steam heat option
  • Control panel w/timer
  • Free standing unit
  • LED backlighting
  • CD stereo FM/Radio


  • Tub can be slippery when standing
  • Installation can be time consuming

ARIEL 300A Steam Shower

Ariel is proving to be an innovator time and time again in the steam shower industry. This unit here is evidence of that for sure. It is truly among one of the best steam shower models that you can buy. There is much to like about this steam shower unit.

It is a 100% self-contained unit. All you have to do after it has been set in place is to hook up the electrical and the plumbing. This is not easy for just anyone to do so it is best to hire a handyman or plumber to do this for you.

This may just be the best looking steam shower on our review list. It is framed nicely using all glass uppers and the handles and hinges are chrome accented. The glass itself is tinted a dark blue and it gives this steam shower unit a very unique and elegant look.

Once you get inside this steam shower everything you need is right there. You have both the overhead waterfall and handheld wand to shower with and everything else can be accessed by using the conveniently placed touchpad.

You can choose to add pulsating water jet action by pressing a button or to add steam to sooth you and relax. There is even lighting options inside this shower too.

Proof that Ariel goes all out on their steam shower models is the innovative bench feature. It conveniently folds down from the back center column in the shower stall. This nicely designed bench seat takes shower comfort and relaxation to a whole new level. We really liked this part of the design.


  • Self-contained unit
  • Direct overhead rainfall shower
  • 3000 watt steam generator
  • Darkened blue glass
  • High limit safety switch
  • Built-in control panel
  • 6 pulsating spray jets


  • Difficult installation
  • Only fits 1 person

Bath Masters Luxury KBM 9001 Bathtub, Steam Shower Room Enclosure 60 x 35

Here is Bath Master’s second entry on our reviews of the top model steam shower enclosures. This is another model of theirs that not only features a shower enclosure but also includes a jetted bath and steam shower generator. These all-inclusive shower units will provide quite an experience to anyone that uses them.

Have it your way with this steam shower. You can use it as a regular shower, a sauna or a bathtub with built in foot massager. That is a lot of choices you get all within reach as you use this well-designed steam shower combo unit. They are not many shower fixtures that come close to doing what this steam shower can do for you.

The easy access control panel is installed right in the shower for convenience. With a simple press of a button you can control the steam and the pulsating water jet action. The shower functions are controlled by faucets just like regular showers. Even the radio and CD features are controlled from inside the shower.

This unit is made out of very durable ABS plastic. That means that there is very little metal on it that can corrode. What metal that is on this unit nicely accents the look of this steam shower and is made from highly corrosion resistant aluminum alloy metal. The slightly tinted glass on its outer walls is a nice touch too.

It is a steam shower unit that is big enough to be used by two people when using the shower or steam heat portion of it.


  • Combination sauna/shower/bath
  • 6 Body massage/foot massage jets
  • Rainfall shower or handheld shower option
  • Several blue LED lighting choices and ceiling fan
  • Steam heat feature
  • Touchscreen control panel w/timer
  • 100% Free standing unit
  • CD stereo FM/Radio


  • Bathtub portion needs to be matted because its slippery when standing
  • Installation should be professionally done
  • Best Steam Shower Generator Reviews

Top Model Steam Generators

Steam Planet Superior 9kW Self-Draining Steam Bath Generator

If you are designing a larger size combination steam room and shower then this is a model steam generator that you will want to take a serious look at. Steam Planet thought of just about everything when they designed this really nice product. It produces steam fast and is self-draining for extended life.

Everything you need is included in the package too. It comes with the master steam generating unit and the automated controls to place inside your steam room/steam shower. It even comes with a good looking chrome steam outlet included right in the package and a generous 16 feet of cable supplied for the control unit.

Most likely you will want to have this professionally installed. You can choose to install it yourself if you are handy with electrical wiring and plumbing connections. The manufacturer has done a nice job with the instruction packet on this unit too.

We mentioned the fact that this steam generator makes a lot of steam and does it quickly. That is due to its large sized heating element. It is capable of super heating the water that circulates around it in just a matter of a few seconds. That means there is no waiting around after turning on this unit to get the steam benefits from it.

There are a few intangibles that you get with this model steam generator too. It comes with a handheld shower that will let you turn the steam unit on and off too. The supplied steam outlet has a nice feature that will let you add an aromatherapy component to your steam experience too.


  • Self-draining unit to help extend its useful life
  • Chrome steam outlet w aromatherapy capability
  • 9000 watt heater
  • Comes with 16’ control cable
  • Push button controls
  • Shower wand with on/off control included


  • Control unit could be more aesthetically pleasing
  • Only includes one steam outlet

Happybuy 6 KW Steam Generator Sauna Bath Steamer for Home SPA Shower

Here is a very nicely designed shower steam generator. It is obvious that Happybuy put a lot of thought and effort into its design. This model is powerful enough to provide steam to a shower or sauna that is 250 cubic feet or less. Best of all, this unit can be bought for a very affordable price.

It is not often that you can get a steam room generator or steam shower generator at such an affordable price. This is the perfect size generator for small to medium sized steam rooms and showers. Now there is no reason why everyone can’t enjoy the many health and therapeutic benefits of steam right in their own home.

This steam generator is very solidly built too. It features all stainless steel in its construction. That means that is should be very corrosion resistant which is important in the tough working environment it will be installed in.

The heater on this steam generating unit is also decent sized. A 6000 watt heater can easily handle the demands of small and medium sized sauna or steam shower applications.

The controls with this unit are waterproof so they can be setup right in the room where the steam is going. They are soft touch push button controls that even include a timer setting.

Safety is a kept at the forefront with this steam generator too. That is something that should never be overlooked. Built into this unit are such things as dry fire prevention, overheat protection and a high pressure shutoff. There is even a ventilation fan included which is an important feature when it comes to saunas or steam showers.


  • Excellent price point
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 6000 watt heater
  • 1 – 60 minute timer
  • Push button controls
  • Several built in safety switches
  • Ozone sterilization
  • Ventilation fan


  • Not good for larger size steam showers or saunas
  • Needs a dedicated 240V Electrical hookup

Steam Ms225ec1 Residential Steam Generator

This is a very good residential steam generator that Mr. Steam manufactures. It’s a unit that is designed to easily provide steam for a shower or sauna that is 225 square feet or less. It can easily handle any standard or small size shower or steam room application. It is a very budget friendly steam generation unit too.

How do you make it onto our top review list of best steam reviews? You have a steam heating unit that is a full 7500 Watts. That means that this steam generator can produce a lot of steam in a relatively short amount of time. After just a few short minutes wait you will be enjoying all the benefits that steam heat has to offer.

This unit is known for being compact and easy to install too. It comes with the control unit and steam head included right in the package. All the electrical and plumbing connections are considered standard in nature too. With a little knowhow as far as electrical and plumbing goes you could probably hook this steam generator up yourself.

It is a product that is built to last too. The controls that come with are fully waterproof and the unit itself is designed to hold up for a very long time. The all stainless steel used in its construction means you will not have to worry about corrosion well into the future. It includes such items as a low water sensor and high heat shutoff to help protect the integral components of this steam generation unit too.

The manufacturer has even decided to back this compact and affordable steam generation unit with a nice limited lifetime warranty.


  • Affordable steam heat
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 7500 watt heater
  • Easily serviceable
  • Push button controls
  • built in safety shutoffs
  • Simple hookup


  • No frills steam generator
  • Takes a few minutes to generate the steam

Amerec AK 7.5 KW Steam Generator

Here is another very basic steam generator that can turn any ordinary shower or moisture proof room into a steam room. It can be installed in any area that you want to provide steam to that is less than 200 cubic feet (slightly less for rooms with heat absorbing tiles).

Amerec is a company that believes the best steam generators provide very even and consistent steam heat. That is why they have made this a priority when they designed this model steam generator. It uses what they call their proprietary ‘soft steam’ system that works really well at keeping the steam this unit generates at a consistent temperature.

One of the best things about this steam generation unit is how easy it is to install. It weighs only a little over 20 pounds so it is very easy to move and set in place. The instructions that come with it are simple to follow and the unit features very standard electrical and plumbing connections too. Anyone with even a little bit of electrical and plumbing knowledge could probably install this unit themselves.

It is important to note with this model that steam generator that it is not a complete kit. It is simply the steam generation unit only that you get here. That means you need to purchase the controls, steam head and the required gravity water drain unit separately. Not paying attention to this has caused a headache for more than one owner that has purchased this model steam generator.

The manufacturer does a nice job of standing behind this product too. It comes with a full five years parts and two year labor warranty. That will help give you much more peace of mind when purchasing this model steam generator.


  • Nice price point
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 7500 watt heater
  • Easy to install
  • Soft touch controls (sold separately)
  • built in safety shutoffs


  • Very vanilla steam generator
  • Does not include controls or the steam head
  • Required auto drain system purchase separately

Kohler K-1696-NA 13 kW Fast-Response Steam Generator

Most people have heard of Kohler because of the popularity they enjoy in the toilet sales business. What people don’t realize is how well they also make steam generation products. Kohler generator reviews from customers seem to always give them exceptionally high marks. Steam generation units that are designed as well as this model are one of the reasons for those consistently favorable reviews.

This steam generator featured here can handle both large sized residential and commercial steam heat applications. It is a steam generator that can handle providing the required amount of steam to rooms that are 318 – 447 cubic feet. It has a very nice sized 13 Kw heater to help with generating the steam it produces. This steam heater is so powerful that those who use this product will be experiencing soft steam heat in less than 1 minute.

Kohler has done a nice job simplifying the installation for this model steam generation unit. It is made so both the plumbing and electrical connections can be done simply and without any hassle. If you have a plumbing and electrical background you may very well be able to hook this steam generator up yourself.

This is another steam generator that the manufacturer has chosen to sell the control unit and steam head adapter separately. Make sure you take not of this when ordering this steam generator product or you will have to wait longer to install it.

This steam generator’s warranty will give you peace of mind that you are making a sound purchase too. Kohler stands behind this steam generator with a full 3 tear parts and labor warranty.


  • Produces steam heat in less than 1 minute
  • Durable and Corrosion resistant stainless steel construction
  • 13,000 watt heater
  • Straightforward installation
  • Automatic cleaning feature
  • built in safety shutoffs


  • Not for smaller sauna/steam shower applications
  • Does not include the control kit or steam head which must be purchased separately

Steam Shower Buying Guide

In order to make a wise buying decision regarding steam showers and steam generators there is certain information you need to know about these healthy and therapeutic steam generating devices. Here is some important information on steam showers and steam generators to help you make the right steam therapy choice for your needs.

  • What are steam showers and how do they work?

Steam showers are standalone units that have the capability to produce steam for therapy among their often multiple other capabilities. By stand-alone it means they come as one complete unit that only has to have plumbing supply lines. Plumbing drains and an electric line hooked up to it.

They differ from a traditional sauna because they are mostly for residential use and people can use them for other purposes too such as bathing and showering. They provide those people that use them with an all-around cleaning, relaxation and rejuvenating experience.

  • What to look for when buying steam showers

With steam showers it is ore about the overall experience they give you which includes steam therapy.

Here are some of the things to focus on when shopping for a new steam shower:

  • Price

Some steam showers come with a huge amount of bells and whistles and have an amazing array of features. Others are more basic and just add steam therapy to a regular shower experience. Of course you will have to pay more for the more advanced steam shower units.

That means you will have to set a budget for yourself when you starts shopping for a new steam shower. This will establish for you a price range in which to conduct your search and help you narrow down the amount of steam shower choices you have.

  • Steam generation

Of course one if your main goals with this purchase is to get the relaxation and health benefits of steam therapy. That means you will want to pay close attention to how the steam in a particular steam shower is generated and how it is delivered.

What you have to look for here is the wattage the heater in a steam shower has. The higher the wattage of a steam showers heater the quicker it will produce steam and the higher volume of steam it will produce.

  • Shower features

Look for a model steam shower that has such basic shower comforts as an overhead rainfall setting and handheld wand that can also be attached to a sliding rail for ease of use.

  • Bathtub features

Premier steam showers also may have a bathtub unit which makes them even nicer. This gets better yet if there is some massage jets built into that bathtub too.

  • Safety features

Safety concerns should always be paramount with any steam shower both for personal safety and unit longevity. Look for such things as high temperature shutoffs, low water shutoffs and automatic timers to help ease safety concerns.

  • Intangibles

Mood lighting, pulsating massage jets, fold down seats, music and other comforts make a steam shower even more relaxing and enjoyable to own.

  • Controls

You want any controls that your steam shower has built into it to be durable and easy to use. Touchscreens make them even more user-friendly.

  • Warranty

The more bells and whistles you have on your steam shower the more the possibility of expensive repairs you will have. That is why you need to get as long and as an all-inclusive warranty as you can get with your steam shower purchase.

  • Steam Shower Basic Installation Tips

Where you choose to put a steam shower in your home is very important. There certainly are some do’s and don’ts as far as the installation goes, especially if you’re remodeling your whole bathroom.

Steam showers are best located in bathrooms such as those found in master bedrooms and guest bedrooms. They are definitely something you don’t want your children to have access to because of potential health risks.

Choose a model steam shower that best fits the space requirements in your individual situation too. That way you will have less drastic changes to make in order to install the steam shower unit.

Steam Generator Buying Guide

  • What are steam generators and how do they work?

Steam generators are not the freestanding units that steam showers are. They are just the steam generating machine and controls and basically you design your own steam shower or steam room setup around the system. This gives those that purchase them a lot of control over the design of the rooms they will supply steam to. These units with some creative thinking can usually be retrofitted into existing showers and other types of wet sauna rooms too.

Steam generators often times offer a user more options than steam showers do too. This mainly has to do with the size of the rooms they can supply steam too. Steam showers typically are designed to accommodate one or two individuals while the larger sized steam generators can supply enough steam to satisfy several users in a large shower or wet sauna room.

  • What to looks for when buying steam generators?

Here are the main factors to consider when shopping for a new steam generator:

  • Price

Steam generators come in all different price ranges. It will help to narrow down your    shopping choices if you first identify the budget range for steam generators that you are willing to shop in.

  • Supplied room size

This is probably the most important factor after price as far as steam generation units go. Most of these steam producing devices are rated based upon the room size they are ideal for. This rating is almost always given in the amount of cubic feet of space they can adequately supply steam too.

Pay close attention to this number when shopping. If the steam generator is too small it may not adequately supply enough steam to a wet room/shower and if it’s too big you may be spending money needlessly.

  • Safety features

Just like with steam showers you want to make sure you have low water cutoffs, high temperature shutoffs and automatic timers built into the system.

  • Controls/Control cable

Make sure the controls are easy to use and will hold up well in a wet environment. Also, it is very important to make sure you have enough cable to reach from the steam room to where the steam generator is installed.

  • Construction

Stainless steel is the most durable material that steam generators are made out of. You would do well to make sure that is the case with the unit you purchase too.

  • Warranty

Even the toughest materials are not always impervious to the harsh working environment that steam generators are used in. That means unusual failures may occur and of course there is always the possibility of material defects or poor workmanship on a unit. That is why you want to look for a model that has a better than average warranty with it.

  • Steam Generator Basic Installation Tips

The most important factor when installing a steam generation unit is making sure that you match the units specified cubic foot room handling capabilities with the size of the room you are adding steam therapy to.

If you are building a new house put your steam generator in while the house is being built so the installation goes smoother. If you are retrofitting a sauna or steam shower in your house pick a steam generator that will make that process as less invasive as possible on the structure of your existing home.

What are the Pros and Cons of Adding a Steam Shower or Steam Generator?


  • Improved bathroom/sauna experience
  • Relaxation
  • Steam therapy
  • Increase in your home’s value


  • Installation may prove challenging
  • Tearing down of existing structures and/or remodeling may be required
  • Steam heat is not healthy for everyone

What Model Steam Shower And Steam Generator Do We Like Best?

There is one model of each of these that really stood out to use. Here are our thoughts on that.

As far as steam showers go we really like the Bath Masters Steam Shower Enclosure with Spa, Sauna and Whirlpool. This steam shower just had everything you could possibly put in one of these products. The combination of healthy steam, advanced showering devices and the whirlpool bath will help create an exceptional bathroom experience for anyone who uses this model steam shower. When you add in mood lighting, music and phone answering capability it really puts this unit over the top.

When it comes to steam generators our selection would have to be the Kohler K-1696-NA 13 kW Fast-Response Steam Generator. For one you get the quality that the Kohler brand stands for. Installation is easy with this unit and the controls for it are top notch. When you factor in it can be bought in several different size configurations and how fast it heats it makes this a great steam generator purchase.

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