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There are few things on the planet that will relax you as much as hot water. When you add pressure to that hot water it gets even better. That is why so many people like to own portable hot tubs. The problem with that is these hot tubs take up a lot of room and they are expensive. Well now there is a solution. It’s called an inflatable hot tub. Now everyone can have the jetted hot water that they crave and do it for an affordable price. In this article we will do several of the best inflatable hot tub reviews and also tell you what to look for when shopping for an inflatable spa.

Why choose an inflatable hot tub? For one they are much cheaper than regular portable spas but they still warm the water as high as 104 degrees just like any other spa. They even feature jet water action just like a regular hot tub.

With an inflatable spa you can also fill it up and use it for a few days and then drain it and put it away too. You can even take them with you when you go camping or tailgating if you have a power source. That is something which you could never even consider doing with a conventional molded spa.

After taking a closer look at several different inflatable hot tub models, these are the ones that we think are exceptional buys.



Coleman SaluSpa 4-Person Portable Inflatable Outdoor Spa Hot Tub Review

When a reputable outdoor product company like Coleman and a reputable inflatable spa manufacturer like SaluSpa combine to make a product, you better believe it will be a very good one. This well-designed inflatable spa is a great example of that. It outclasses most any inflatable spa in durability, ease of use and company customer support. That is the reason why it’s the number one rated inflatable hot tub on our review list.

There is just a lot to like about this model inflatable spa. Take for instance the fact that it has walls that are made of very durable PVC infused vinyl. That means the outside of this spa is neither easy to puncture or slice. It even has two handy carry handles sewn right into the fabric to help you move it when it’s empty.

  • 2 filters included to help keep your water sparkling

Unlike many inflatable spas in its class, this model hot tub has not one but two filters to aid in keeping it clean. There is nothing more pleasing than getting into some crystal clear warm water when you want to relax. The heater and spa jet control pack that come with it keeps the water circulating so it stays fresh.

The included jet pump also provides some nice water action when you are using this inflatable spa too. At any time while you are relaxing in this hot tub you can choose to inject air into the water by activating its some 60 pulsating water jets. You can even add some gentle bubbles in to that water jet action too. This inflatable spa proves that you don’t have to have a huge molded hot tub or spend a lot of money to be able to sit in a hot tub and relax. Coleman SaluSpa is considered one of the best inflatable hot tubs

Goplus 4-6 Person Portable Outdoor Spa

Here is an inflatable hot tub that breaks from tradition and is actually square in shape. You will find as you read our reviews various spa models that most of them our round. This is a beefy model that is made for those who like to entertain their friends and include the pleasures of a hot tub as part of that.

Why is a square hot tub nice to have? It’s because of that little extra room it gives you to sit inside it. Round hot tubs can start to get crowded when you have 5 or 6 people inside them. This model is 73 inches by 73 inches and is also a convenient 25.5 inches deep. That is bigger than some permanent hot tubs you will see.

  • Strong jet action

This highly portable spa model has some nice jet action as you sit in it too. Its water pump is slightly bigger and more powerful than most inflatable spas you will come across. All of the portable spa reviews we have seen on this model state how relaxing it’s to use. Each jet on its eight hydrojet system can even have their flow adjusted or will allow you to add air action into the mix.

The nice features don’t stop there either. It has the ability to treat hard water and use appealing salt water sanitization to keep the water in it soft and crystal clear. There is also a fully locking insulated cover that comes with this model inflatable spa. The sides on it are nicely reinforced with heavy duty material too.

If not for the amazing quality of the Coleman/SaluSpa that was number one on our list, this hot tub could have easily been selected as our number one model. It’s really that good of an inflatable spa.

Goplus 4-6 Person Outdoor Spa 

You won’t get a much bigger name than GoPlus when it comes to reliable camping and outdoor products. This inflatable hot tub from them is a great example of that. It’s a quality design that is much more innovative than many of the other cheap inflatable hot tub models that we looked at. We all really liked the design of this inflatable hot tub and it helped convince us that you could get an inflatable spa that gave you many of the benefits that standard hot tubs do.

This model is not built like some inflatable pool toy either. Its walls are made of a very thick and durable TriTech material that is built to be puncture and cut resistant. This is a very important characteristic with any inflatable hot tub that you are thinking about purchasing. When inflatable hot tubs are up and running they may be exposed to some rough use so they have to be able to handle it.

Even the top on this model inflatable hot tub is made sturdier than most. It’s also coated with an aluminum foil like surface which makes it unique. This cover will not only keep the dirt out of your hot tub but it will also help insulate it and keep the water in it warm. It also comes with a built-in hard water treatment system, it makes water gentler on skin for a soothing experience.

  • Comfortably seats 4 to 6 persons

The inside of this inflatable spa is surprisingly comfortable. It’s made of a slightly softer version of the durable outside material. It seats 4 – 6 people in it comfortably and the water can be circulated with jets and have air bubble action added also.

It’s a 100% self-contained unit once you attach the heater, pump and filter system to the main body. This tub comes with a control to set the temperature where you like it and also has a switch to turn the jet action on and off. Once you hook up the pump and filter system to the main body, you simply plug into any 115V outlet and the spa is ready to fill and use.

This is a very well designed inflatable hot tub to say the least.

Intex 77in portable Intex Spa Review

We may like the Coleman/SaluSpa best but this inflatable hot tub from Intex sure did not make that decision very easy. If it were not for the small size filters on this model hot tub it might be much higher on our list. This inflatable hot tub model is very well-designed.

One of the things that impressed us a lot about this model inflatable spa was how sturdy it felt once it was set up and filled. It’s extremely strong and almost has a solid feel to it. Intex says that they add a layer of reinforcing material under the outside surface and it sure feels like that is true. Its natural beige color should help it neatly blend into any surrounding environment it’s placed in also.

  • Comes with a fully insulated cover

This hot tub also comes with a fully insulated cover to help keep the heat in and cut down on energy costs. The entire package could not be easier to setup too. It weighs only a little over 100 pounds when there is no water in it. Once inflated and the separate heater and filtration unit’s hooked up, all you have to do is fill it and wait for it to heat up before you can use it.

It’s an inflatable spa that will heat up about 2 degrees an hour. So if you are setting it up for a party or any other event you should do so one day ahead of time.

Overall there really is much to like about this model inflatable spa. Hats off to Intex for coming up with a good inflatable hot tub design and bringing it into the marketplace at an affordable price.

SaluSpa Palm Springs AirJet Inflatable 6-Person Hot Tub Review

There is a lot to like about this nice round inflatable hot tub from SaluSpa. It offers those that purchase it much for the little money they will spend on it. It’s an excellent solution for those who do not want to spend the money on a permanently set up spa but still enjoy the benefits of circulating hot water from time to time.

This spa is made tough too. It features some of the same sturdy TriTech material that some of the other inflatable spas in our countdown use. When you have an inflatable hot tub that is tear and puncture resistant it will give you some peace of mind that you are making a sound spa buying decision.

It’s also an inflatable hot tub model that comes with its own separate equipment pack. According to many inflatable hot tub reviews it’s one of the best equipment packs on these types of spas. Its digital controls are easy to program and its efficient heater will add 2 degrees of heat per hour or more.

  • Almost as deep as a standard portable spa

What else do we like about this portable inflatable hot tub? We like the fact that it’s a full 28 inches deep. That is close to the same depth as some much more expensive hot tubs. This spa really offers those that use it a very nice soaking experience. Its pump is powerful enough to create some excellent water jet action and you can add some air bubbles to that too.

There are a couple features that are pretty unique that go with this spa. For one, it has some plasticized I-beam construction that is built into the side walls. Because of that this is one of the only inflatable hot tubs that you can actually sit on the top of the sidewall. It even includes a cushioned air pad to place underneath it before it’s filled up. This air pad helps protect the bottom of the spa and helps insulate it too.

SaluSpa Miami AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub Review

This model inflatable hot tub is one of the most affordable ways to break into spa ownership. Best of all you get a lot for the money you pay for it. It easily accommodates 2 or 3 adults and it has some really nice air and water movement when you are using it too. SaluSpa continues to be an innovator when it comes to the inflatable spa market place.

This is another model inflatable Jacuzzi that has a very durable outer shell that uses advanced TriTech fabric. We have already discussed the importance of an inflatable spa being built out of strong outer materials like this. You can have a lot of confidence that this material will help your new inflatable hot tub last a very long time.

The digital controls on this nice little spa unit are outstanding too. With just a simple press of a button you can control the wide variety of settings on this hot tub. The controls will allow you to do such things as turn the water and air bubble action on, set the temperature and program in a circulation cycle. This multi-function digital control pad will also allow you to turn the heater on and off, raise and the lower the temperature and lock the control panel so children cannot use it.

  • Reinforced side panels

What else is there to like about this well-designed inflatable spa from SaluSpa? We liked the fact that the side panels are slightly reinforced so you can sit on them without worrying about the hot tub buckling. It’s a nice option to have if you have been immersed in the hot water too long and need to get out for a minute to cool off.

The support features that SaluSpa includes in this hot tub package are very good too. Included in the package are a chemical feeder, first class filter and a DVD on how to setup and maintain your new inflatable spa. You will even get an insulated cover with it to help keep the heat in when you are not using it and help save on your energy bills too.

Intex Portable 6-Person Inflatable PureSpa Plus Bubble Spa Review

Here is another well thought out inflatable hot tub design from Intex. Although we don’t think you want to use it with six people in it at the same time, we do think this inflatable spa has more room than most other spas in its class. It will definitely help you relax after a long hard day at the office. Some of these hot tub designs really amaze us with all they have to offer at a very reasonable price.

Everything on this hot tub model from Intex only adds to your comfort and convenience when using it. The material that its outer shell is made of is very strong and will help it getting punctured or worn thin. There is an insulated cover that comes with it too. This cover conveniently locks to help make it safe from any curious small children you may have.

  • Pleasing water jet action

The water jet action in this hot tub is very soothing too. You have your choice of just sitting in the hot water, circulating the jets with increased water power or adding gentle massaging air bubbles into the mix as you use it. We were very impressed by the fact it had over 100 air bubble jets in all.

Setup with this hot tub could not be easier. Full set up instructions are included on a handy DVD that is supplied with this spas welcome package. You can use the spa jet pump to inflate the hot tub itself so you don’t have to go to the effort of using a hand pump or other device to fill it. Intex has even included an insulated pad to place under this model inflatable spa to help protect and insulate it from the surface it sits on.

SaluSpa Paris AirJet Inflatable Hot Tub Review

You can probably tell by now that one of the best and most experienced inflatable spa manufacturers in our review countdown is SaluSpa. They have either designed or played a part of designing 5 of the top ten portable inflatable spas on our review list. Inflatable hot tub models like this one are the reason why.

This model is very unique in the fact that it adds an extra dimension to relaxing in your hot tub with a neat LED light display. You can choose to set the mood while you are soaking by choosing one of seven different colors to display. The choice is yours to select just one color or even have it cycle through all the different colors as you relax.

  • Soothing 104 degree heat

There is no better way for up to you and three other family members or friends to unwind after a long day. The nice heating and filtration unit this model hot tub comes with will keep your water looking super clean and provide some nice jet water action as you are using this inflatable Jacuzzi too.

Setup with this model spa could not be easier. It takes less than 15 minutes to set it on its supplied insulating pad and get it ready to fill. Once filled you simply plug it in to any standard 115V household outlet. Once it’s the water is heated up you and your family can enjoy all the benefits of its relaxing warm circulating water every day.

ALEKO HTIO2BKW Oval Inflatable Hot Tub

By this point in our countdown we have done a lot of hot tub reviews. That should make it obvious that there are many good inflatable spas to choose from. Models like this one tend to back that statement up. Although its number 9 on our review list of the best inflatable spas, it still has much to offer those that purchase it.

This spa model is actually better suited for couples, as it can only welcome to persons at a time. This is a very unique design to say the least. It’s a spa model that is highly portable and sturdy when set up because of the way it’s constructed.

  • Comes with a drink tray

This combination inflatable spa has a really powerful pump for such a small hot tub too. When you feel how soothing its jet action is you will really be amazed. It can direct a lot of water pressure directly on those tight muscles of yours that need it. There is no better and soother feeling after a hard day at the office or after chasing toddlers around all day.

This hot tub is a great addition to most outdoor living spaces, you can place it on your patio, in your garden, or anywhere you like to relax That is why this is one of the favorite spa models for those that travel in RV’s and like to have a portable spa at their campsites. It plugs into any standard electrical outlet thanks to it only requiring 110 volts to operate it. It also has a 900 watt heater, a 600 watt bubble feature, and a 12 volt (AC) filter pump -This high-quality personal spa is sure to transform the way you experience your outdoor living space.

Intex Pure Spa 4-Person Inflatable Portable Hot Tub Review

The last spa on our review list is another Intex spa review. This one is well-built and has a lot of design innovation in it just like the other models they have on our list. It can easily fit 4 people in it and it will really relax you and take the days stress away as you use it.

This model inflatable hot tub has over 100 bubble jest built into it. That gives it the ability to provide a lot of soothing water on the parts of your body that need it. One of the unique features this spa has is its ability to preheat the air that is injected into the hot tub before it goes in it. That way it does not give you the cold shocking sensation that some other air infused inflatable hot tubs do.

  • You get crystal clear water with this inflatable spa

One of the most unique facets you get with this model inflatable hot tub is the fact that it has six filter cartridges. That is something you usually only see on much more expensive spa models. You can be confident with this much filtration  that your spa water will be clean and clear each and every time you go to use it. Those many spa cartridges will also ensure continued smooth circulation in your Jacuzzi even if one or more filters become clogged up.

What other nice features do you get with this affordable inflatable hot tub? It starts with the fact that it’s built out of a very durable and long lasting material. There is also convenient carrying handles built right in the outside material to help you carry it to set it up or after you have taken it down. This inflatable spa model really has some excellent features built into for such an affordable hot tub.




You have probably noticed as you have been reading our inflatable portable spa reviews that they have a surprising amount of features on them for such an inexpensive product. With that being said, you do not want to factor every feature on these nice inflatable hot tubs into your buying decision.

Here are the key factors of inflatable spas that you need to highly consider when you are purchasing one:

  • Price

There are few things that you will shop for when price is not a consideration. Although inflatable hot tubs are much cheaper than molded spas they are still by no means a disposable item so cost has to be considered.

Inflatable spas are priced anywhere from less than $300 to over $1000. That is a pretty large buying for many people. When shopping for an inflatable spa it’s best to first set a shopping budget for yourself. This will help you eliminate wasting time looking at inflatable hot tub models you are never going to buy.

As a general rule, the more money you spend on an inflatable spa the higher quality product you will get for your money. This is especially true the bigger the price difference gets. Some companies will run deals on inflatable spas in what is considered an off sales season. This is during the summer months in America in most places.

  • Ease of setup

Certain models of inflatable spas are much easier to set up than others for sure. This has to be a prime consideration for any inflatable hot tub you purchase. The reason for that is because one of the most appealing factors of these types of spas is that they do not get set up permanently.

Look at such things as how well designed they are that makes them easy to set up. Important things to consider here is if they have pumps included that will inflate them and if they have handles sewn into the fabric to make them easier to move around to where you are setting them up. Inflatable spas that come with an insulated pad to put underneath them are generally easier to set up to because you do not have to worry as much what type of surface you set them up on.

  • Size

Even though most inflatable hot tubs are smaller in size than molded hot tubs, they are still big enough that you have to have enough room to set them up. Not only do you have to have enough room for the set-up of them, but this area also has to be flat too. This is a very important consideration when purchasing any inflatable jacuzzi.

As far as size goes you also have to consider the inside dimensions of the hot tub and what type of use you plan for it. If it’s just you and your significant other that will be using it just about any inflatable hot tub will work for you. On the other hand, if you will be entertaining friends in your hot tub, then you will have to get a big enough size to allow 4 – 6 people to fit in it comfortably. If you need to put more than six people in your inflatable spa, then you are probably going to want to buy a larger molded type portable spa.

  • Weight

Weight is an important characteristic that many people fail to consider when buying an inflatable portable hot tub. It can make a huge difference if you want to do something like bring your inflatable hot tub along with you as you drive your RV cross country or you will be setting it up and taking it down on a regular basis.

Some inflatable hot tubs weigh as little as 80 pounds and yet others can weigh 200 pounds or more. Obviously an inflatable spa that weighs 80 pounds is much more portable than an inflatable spa that weighs 200 pounds. So if you are going to be moving your inflatable hot tub around on a regular basis make sure you know the weight of any model that you consider purchasing.

  • Number of water/air jets

Sitting in hot water is great but it gets a whole lot better of that hot water is moving with some force. Even better yet if you can add some air injected bubbles into that pressurized stream of water. That is why it’s important to know how many water jets and how many air injection jets any inflatable hot tub you are thinking about buying has.

  • Filtration

There is nothing less appealing and less sanitary than a hot tub that has cloudy or green looking water in it. That is why having a good filtration system in your inflatable spa is a must. You should get an inflatable hot tub that will circulating the entire amount of water in it several times an hour and also has more than one filter or one very large size one.

  • Heating

Believe it or not heating is not a big issue when shopping for an inflatable spa unit. That is because these spas all plug in and run off of 115 volt electricity. That means that no matter how good the heater is on these model spas it will still never heat up over 1 – 3 degrees an hour. So heating has more to do with basic physics than it does with heater quality.

The only exception to this is some cost saving spas will not have a heater. These spas heat up off of the heat created by the electrical water pump in the unit. Without a doubt these spas will save you some but they will take several days to heat and are difficult to keep warm in the winter months.

  • Cover

Some of the more inexpensive inflatable spa models don’t even come with a spa cover or else they come with a cover that is paper thin and acts as a blanket. That is certainly not the type of spa cover you want to have. You need a cover that has a little thickness to it and also has some insulating properties too.

Not to mention, a spa cover that has a little sturdiness to it can be tied down with locks to help make your hot tub childproof too. The importance of this cannot be overlooked if you have small children in your family or that visit your home often.

  • Controls

Controls are not a huge buying issue these days either. Most every spa manufacturer has switched to all digital controls because they are more economical to make than ever before. Digital controls are also very easy for you to understand and use too.

You may still find some regular dial up controls on some model inflatable spas but these models are rapidly disappearing. The only advantage to using a dial up spa control over a digital spa control is they are much cheaper to replace when they fail.


As with any product you are thinking about buying there are good things about inflatable spas that make them great to have and other things that make them less than desirable to own.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons when you buy any model inflatable spa:


  • What is the number one reason why people buy inflatable spas? It’s because of their low cost. They will normally save you thousands of dollars over what permanent molded hot tubs cost.
  • They are the only true portable spa. This is because you can set them up anyplace in your yard or patio that has a big enough hard area to support underneath them.
  • Inflatable spas are the only spa that can be termed a ‘seasonal use’ hot tub. That is because they are the only type of spa that can easily be set up or taken down and put away.
  • Most inflatable spas do not weigh much even filled so they don’t require extra support to set them up on a deck. That means the homeowner that wants to put a spa on their deck can save money buying an inflatable spa and save money because they do not have to reinforce their deck.


  • These hot tubs have come a long way as to how sturdy they are now built but they still won’t be able to take the abuse and hold up as well as any molded hot tub. Sitting on the sides of most inflatable hot tubs is not recommended either.
  • Inflatable hot tubs can only be run on 115 volt electricity. That is not a lot of power going through these types of hot tubs heating elements. The result of that is they heat painfully slow. This is especially true the colder the weather is if you are setting them up outside.
  • Any inflatable hot tub will generally cool as you are using it. The reason for this is when you run your spa on 115 volts you cannot heat it at the same time you are running the spa jets on high. So when you are using your inflatable spa with the jets on you slowly lose the heat in your hot tub.
  • Inflatable spas are more prone to leaking than most molded types of hot tubs are. That is because it’s much tougher to seal around their jets and plumbing intakes because you are trying to make a seal on a flexible type of material.


Question: Can you move an inflatable hot tub when it’s filled with water?

Answer: The answer to this question is a definite no!! Water weighs over 8 pounds per gallon and even the smallest inflatable hot tubs hold over 100 gallons water. That is a lot of weight. Even if by some chance you could get enough people to move that much weight you would most likely damage the inflatable spa beyond repair in doing it.

Question: Are inflatable hot tubs hard to maintain?

Answer: Actually quite the opposite is true here. Inflatable spas are very easy to maintain. You just have to add a sanitizer to them on a regular basis as needed, run the circulation cycle on the pump several hours a day and also clean the filter(s) on a regular basis too. They are much easier to maintain than a swimming pool.

Question: These things are awful big. Do I have to blow it up like a pool toy or use something like a bicycle pump to inflate one of these hot tubs?

Answer: No worries here for sure. You don’t have to blow them up yourself like a    pool toy or use any device to help you inflate them. These days almost every inflatable spa can get filled with the air it needs by using the pump that comes with the filtration system. It’s actually a very easy process.

Question: Does an inflatable spa with more than one filter stay cleaner than an inflatable spa that comes with just one filter?

Answer: The answer to this question totally depends on the size of the filters we are comparing. When you compare filters you have to consider the amount of surface area a spa filter has. The reason for this is because a single spa filter can be more effective than a spa with 4 filters if its total surface area of it’s more than the surface area of the 4 filters added up.


Inflatable Hot Tubs are an affordable way to become a SPA owner

There truly is no better way to relax and unwind after a long day than by sitting in your own inflatable hot tub with the water jets and bubbles gently massaging you. Owning an inflatable spa is also much more affordable than most people think.

Any one of the quality inflatable hot tubs we reviewed in this article would be an excellent inflatable spa model to buy. If you feel none of these meets your needs, then follow the advice in the handy buying guide when you are searching for the best inflatable hot tub to meet your needs. Either way you can be sure there is an inflatable hot tub out there in the marketplace that will be affordable and make you glad you bought when you are relaxing in it.

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