Best Corner Toilet (2020 Guide)

Remodeling and adding new utilities in your bathroom can be a stressful, lengthy task. Looking at all of your options where the best corner toilets are concerned is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Most just choose the first one they see for simplicity, but selecting the best one for your needs is a much better plan for the long run.

Within this review, you will discover the best corner toilets to ensure that you’ll have access to the one that will suit all of your needs!

American Standard 270BD001.021 Titan Pro

57.5 x 35 x 23 inches
  • Oversized 3" flush valve
  • Elongated siphon action bowl
  • Toilet Seat NOT included
5 Star Rating

American Standard 270BD001.020 Cadet 3

32 x 19.2 x 31.5 inches
  • ADA round front toilet
  • Durable and easy-to-clean
  • Ever Clean antimicrobial surface
4.7 Star Rating

White Ceramic Corner Toilet Renovator's Supply

32 x 19 x 31 inches
  • Seat Height 15"
  • Scratch- and Stain-Proof China Finish
  • Dual Flush
4.5 Star Rating

How to Choose a Corner Toilet

Corner toilets are much easier to shop for when compared to regular, larger toilets. For example, if you’re remodeling your bathroom, choosing a corner toilet will no doubt be the easiest part, whereas shopping for a regular toilet is more difficult because of all the sizes, features, etc.

Because of their simplicity, choosing a corner toilet is incredibly easy. All you really have to look at is the overall size compared to the amount of free space you have for the toilet, the color and/or general layout of your bathroom and the color of toilet you want to match it, and, if any, the features you’d like to have.

Although, because corner toilets are made to be very small and aren’t exactly designed with features in mind, don’t expect to find too much in this department. Some do have features, including the triangle tank toilet you will soon read about below, but they are very minimal.

Overall, knowing how to choose a corner toilet is all about knowing the size, the amount of free space you have for it, the color you’d prefer, and any small features you’ll want. Corner toilets are practically the only toilets that won’t give you a headache, so you’re in luck!

American Standard Titan Pro Triangle Tank

This triangle tank toilet comes in a neutral Bone color to suit the style and layout of all bathrooms. It’s a very standard, simple toilet, yet it has some great features included that are sure to steal your heart!

The Design and Included Features

The bowl and the tank are are a combination to ensure that there is a smaller seat, but there is, however, an elongated siphon action bowl and an extended footing to it. This makes this corner toilet an absolute dream for remodeling. It’s not too bulky or an awkward shape.

It also includes a 3” oversized flush valve, a concealed sanity bar mounted on the side, a trip lever, and a high-jetted bowl for perfect performance each time. It comes with WaterSense certification, a 1.28 GPF, and a 1.28 GPM.

Overall Size and Best Use

This triangle corner toilet weighs approximately 124 pounds and has the size dimensions of 57.5”x35”x23”. It’s also approximately 18” from the toilet seat to the floor, which ensures that it’s very easy for people with issues regarding their knees and/or back, for example, to sit down and stand up.

It’s also great for those who need to save as much space as possible in their bathroom. It fits just right in the corner so you can fit your sink, shower, cabinets, even a reasonably sized washer and dryer!

You can view the American Standard Titan Pro Triangle Tank for yourself by clicking here!

American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle Toilet

This triangle corner toilet comes in a plain, neutral white color to, once again, match any style and decor of any bathroom. It’s a great toilet for those who want something small and simple with strong capabilities to it!

The Design and Included Features

Like the previous toilet, this one also comes with a combined bowl and tank. Although, this corner toilet includes an ADA round front toilet combination for a smaller, more protruded shape that does not sacrifice overall bathroom space.

It comes with a chemical resistant flapper, an oversized 3” flush valve, and an Ever Clean surface with antimicrobial capabilities. This means that it’s very easy to clean and is also very durable.

It’s a two-piece model that only uses up to 1.28 gallons per flush and has a very powerful performance overall. It also offers the Right Height feature to ensure that anyone can use it with ease!

Overall Size and Best Use

This triangle corner toilet weighs a very minimal 60 pounds, which makes installation incredibly easy, and has the size dimensions of 32”x19.2”31.5”. It also includes a GPF of 1.6, as well.

The bowl height is approximately 16.5” from the floor, which makes it great for those who have children or a disability that makes it difficult to sit, stand up, bend, etc. Therefore, this is one of the best corner toilets for all different needs and wants!

You can view the American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle Toilet for yourself by clicking here!

Renovator’s Supply Round Dual Flush Corner Toilet

This toilet, like the previous one reviewed, comes in a plain, neutral white for the purpose of blending in to any bathroom color or scheme you may already have. It’s the most simple corner toilet that one could hope for.

The Design and Included Features

This would definitely have to be one of the best corner toilets for it’s simplicity and ease of use and installation. It’s both scratch and stain-proof through the easily cleaned Reno-Gloss finish. This ensures that it can’t be ruined by nicks and bumps, and you won’t have to worry about bleaching it every month or so like you would with other corner toilets.

It also includes Dual Flush, which ensures that flushing once again after just flushing won’t cause a clog or an issue with the plumbing and/or pipes. The Dual Flush feature is enabled through the push-button mechanism, which means that you can save on around 25,000 gallons each year. This helps you save on both money and water while also helping the environment!

It has a heavy, powerful 1.6-gallon flush when you use Dual Flush, while flushing once only uses 0.8 gallons of water. It’s also very quiet, even when using Dual Flush, and includes a 12” rough-in, as well.

Overall Size and Best Use

This corner toilet weighs approximately 47 pounds, which makes it the lightest toilet on our list, and has the size dimensions of 32”x19”x31”. The bowl height is approximately 17” from the floor, which makes it perfect for children, older adults, you name it. The small size and lightweight design ensure that it can fit in any bathroom imaginable, no matter how much free space is left.

You can view the Renovator’s Supply Round Dual Flush Corner Toilet for yourself by clicking here!

The Easiest Way to Install a Toilet

Most people will spend hundreds of dollars to install a new toilet, but doing it yourself isn’t as hard as you think. In fact, a lot of people are turning to installing their own toilets these days to save money. However, to do it, you will need to have a good understanding of how it’s done to ensure that you do it properly.

How to Install a Toilet Yourself

Before you begin the process of installing a corner toilet on your own, ensure that you have cleared the bathroom of random items and furniture, such as your cabinet or dresser, to ensure that nothing will get in your way. You will also need to have the area where your toilet is going to be going both cleaned and ready to go.

First things first, you will need to put the tank on the bowl of your new toilet. Take the rubber ring that is shaped like an O, which seals the tank to the bowl, and place it on the hole of where the tank will go. You will see the hole where the rubber O is supposed to go just by looking at the empty tank spot.

Now is when you will need to get the supply nuts and plastic bolts out, which you will notice have plastic cushions on them. This ensures that they cannot rust when it the water inside of the tank. They also ensure that the water doesn’t have a chance to escape.

Next, you will need to pick the tank up, set it on the spot where it’s supposed to go, and, while doing so, ensure that you do not crease the rubber gasket. You will need to move it around to help it set in where it’s supposed to. Take the plastic bolts and fit them into the holes inside of the corner toilet tank, which are located on the bottom. You can then attach the nuts and screw them in using your fingers underneath the tank.

Ensure that the nuts have a snug fit. From there, you should be tightening them down one at a time. Remember that you should not be fully compressing the gasket all the way down. Ensure that you tighten both the plastic bolts and the nuts as evenly as possible.

Even though the plastic bolts have a slot on each top for the purpose of using a screwdriver, you really should not be using one. This is because they are made out of plastic and are not able to be cranked down as tight as a metal screw can. If screwed with a screwdriver, you run the risk of breaking them and having further complications with the toilet, so using your fingers is the best way to avoid any problems. It will take a bit longer but it’s safer in the long run.

Next, you will need the supply line, which helps in preventing massive flooding should anything go wrong while your toilet is in use. In this case of a line break, constant running, an overflow, or whatever the case may be, the supply line has a check valve to stop too much water from coming out all at once.

If you’ve installed or worked on a washing machine, a sink, or just about anything that requires and uses water, you’ll already be familiar with a supply line.

The standard supply line has a setup for a corner toilet tank on one end, while the other end has a 3/8s copper line. Once again, do not use any tools for this part. Supply lines must be tightened using only your fingers to ensure that they stay in good shape and cannot be compromised in any way before or after they have been installed.

Take the end of the supply line that will go into the toilet underneath the tank, insert it, and screw it into place using only your fingers. Once this part is completed, it’s ready to set.

Now that you have your toilet fully assembled and ready to go, you can either carry it into the bathroom, if you did the steps outside of the bathroom, or move it to where it needs to go and set it up there.

If you’d like to visibly see the following steps that were just mentioned for more help, you can do so by watching this video!

Choosing the Best Corner Toilet for Your Needs

Corner toilets are one of the best investments you’ll ever make. They are generally simple, yet very sophisticated, toilets that take up almost no room at all. Whether you are looking for one that has a couple of features, or one that just has a powerful flush, we have found the top 3 corner toilets currently available!

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