Best Bathtubs (Bathtub Reviews and Guide 2020)

Most people do not think much about the type of bathtubs they have in their homes. They just get in them and turn on the water and soak and enjoy them. But if you are building a new home or renovating your current one you should be aware there are many design choices available when it comes to bathtubs. That is why we have taken the time to help you learn what different types of bathtubs are available and to point out several of the top rated bathtubs of each design type.


Name and ModelTypeDimensions and FeaturesAvg. Rating
Wyndham Collection SohoFreestanding Tub
  • 65 x 36 x 30 inches
  • Acrylic tub
  • Floor mounted faucet is included
  • Can also come in 68" and 72"
4.3 Star Rating
Mermaid Soaking BathtubFreestanding Tub
  • 80 x 40 x 30 inches
  • Acrylic tub
  • Drain included
  • 60 Gallons capacity
4.9 Star Rating
American Standard Cadet TubFreestanding tub
  • 66 x 32 x 23 inches
  • Acrylic tub
  • Accessory storage deck
  • Freestanding Faucet, hand spray and drain included
4.2 Star Rating
MAYKKE Gibson TubClawfoot Bathtub
  • 29 x 30 x 66 inches
  • Acrylic bathtub
  • Smooth interior and exterior finish
  • Drain with flexible host
5 Star Rating
Chariton 61 Cast Iron SlipperClawfoot Bathtub
  • 30 x 14 x 61 inches
  • Porcelain Interior
  • 46 Gallons of Water Capacity
  • Ball & Claw Feet
4.8 Star Rating
CoreAcryl Hotel CollectionClawfoot Bathtub
  • 31 x 32 x 59 inches
  • Acrylic and Fiberglass material
  • Double slipper Clawfoot
  • Includes tub faucet, handheld shower and drain
4.5 Star Rating
American Standard EvolutionDrop-in Bathtub
  • Acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Dual molded-in armrests
  • Reversible drain outlet
4.7 Star Rating
Kohler Drop-In BathtubDrop-in Bathtub
  • Acrylic tub
  • Molded lumbar support offers extra comfor
  • Requires pieces that are sold separately
5 Star Rating
American StandardDrop-in Bathtub
  • Acrylic with fiberglass reinforcement
  • Reversible drain outlet
  • Drain sold separately
4.7 Star Rating
Sterling Plumbing All ProRecessed Bathtub
  • Acrylic tub
  • Made in US
  • Sturdy, durable and scratch resistant
5 Star Rating
American Standard Cambridge 5Recessed Bathtub
  • Americast material
  • Integral Apron
  • Resistant Surface
4.4 Star Rating
KOHLER Archer 5Recessed Bathtub
  • Acrylic tub
  • Comfort Depth® design
  • supports the natural curves of your body
3.8 Star Rating

Here are some bathtub reviews on a few great looking bathtub styles that will compliment any bathroom they are installed in:




One unique way to decorate a bathroom is by choosing a freestanding bathtub. These are bathtubs that are finished on all sides and don’t require anything but plumbing to be hooked up to them in order to use them. They are used in many cases to give a bathroom more of a vintage look.

Among the advantages that the best freestanding bathtubs offer are they do not require a difficult installation process like most bathtubs and they can be used to open up space in a bathroom because they can be placed anywhere. Some of the drawbacks to using them are they are hard to plumb without it being unsightly and you will have a hard time controlling the splashing water if they double as a shower too.

Wyndham Collection Soho 60 inch Freestanding Bathtub

This is a very unique and creative design that Wyndham has come up with here. It is the most basic of shapes so it will go well with just about any type of bathroom setting. It does not take up a lot of space and is one of the easier freestanding bathtub shapes to hide the plumbing that goes to it.

This is an all acrylic freestanding bathtub. That means it is very strong so you don’t have to worry about damaging it when you are moving and putting it in place. It has an adjustable base so you can level it perfectly too. Acrylic also does not transfer temperatures as easily as metal lined bathtubs so your bath water stays warmer longer.

Wyndham has also designed this tub to be much deeper than conventional bathtubs, so you can really enjoy soaking your whole body with this freestanding bathtub model. They also guarantee the tub quality and back it up with a full two year warranty.

The way this bathtub is designed it might just be the best freestanding tub of all the different models that we looked at.

American Standard Cadet Freestanding Tub

American standard is a huge name when it comes to reputable bathroom fixture manufacturers and freestanding bathtub products like this are the reason why. They tend to keep their designs elegant yet simplistic at the same time. This is a freestanding bathtub that a sleeker and more contemporary style that will fit nicely into many different bathroom themes.

This is a very sturdy freestanding bathtub too. It is made out of an acrylic shell that is reinforced with sturdy fiberglass backing. American Standard is known for making products that will last a long time and this bathtub is a great example of that in the way it’s built.

It is a deep soaking model bathtub also. The depth is much deeper on it than with most conventional bathtubs. This gives you the ability to soak your entire body and melt the day’s worries away. We thought the depth of this tub alone made it very appealing to consider buying.

This high gloss acrylic freestanding bathtub has some other nice features too. It features an unusually wide top deck so you can store your bathing products on it and it also includes the chrome drain and fill fixtures too.

Wyndham Collection Mermaid  Soaking Bathtub

Here is another great freestanding bathtub model from Wyndham. This bathtub is so deep it is almost not fair to call it a bathtub because it’s much more of a soaking vessel than it is a conventional bathtub. Add hot water and some bath beads and it will really help you unwind after a long hard day at work or chasing around the kids.

It is a solidly constructed acrylic molded tub that is built to last. Acrylic is lighter to move than other style bathtubs too, yet is still sturdy enough that it can easily be moved without damaging it. As was mentioned before, tubs that are made of mostly acrylic are less susceptible to outside temperatures than tubs that are enamel based or metal lined too.

This tub can be placed anywhere you think it will look good in a bathroom. Freestanding tubs allow you to do some unconventional positioning as opposed to built-in bathtubs. We think this model tub looks so good you can even make it the centerpiece in a bathroom.

It also features a wide top shelf to put your soaps and other bathing products on and it comes complete with the drain fixtures too. This may be the best soaking tub you can buy for the affordable price you pay for it.




These are a timeless classic as far as bathtubs go. They are like the first bathtubs that were ever made. These bathtubs are easy to identify by the tiny pedestal legs on the bottom of them. They were originally made out of porcelain coated cast iron but advances in technology have brought their price down through the use of durable and lighter space age materials.

These tubs come in various styles such as the ‘slipper tub’ which is raised higher on one end to give it a longer type effect and the ‘roll rim tub’ which has a pronounced rounded top edge. It is the type of bathtub that will give any bathroom a very distinct and unique look.

Chariton 61″ Cast Iron Slipper Tub

This really is a great looking bathtub and one that reminds of something you may have seen in an old western movie. It really is a timeless classic as far as styling is concerned. Chariton’s tub is a combination slipper tub and roll rim tub and that makes for an incredibly practical and stylish look.

It is a claw foot style bathtub that is great for soaking and relaxing. It is so deep you can easily immerse your whole body in it. This tub is also molded in a way that it is very comfortable to sit in. That is one advantage that modern technology gives you over a true older style claw foot bathtub.

The claw feet on this model tub really help accent its plain white acrylic finish. Its claw feet are made with a very traditional style look too. The feet on it are cast aluminum so they are both sturdy and look great as they shine with their bright metallic look.

One of the other nice things about this bathtub is there are no other cuttings in it besides the drain for it. It really adds to the simplistic look of it. Just add a freestanding tub filler and you will then have an outstanding bathtub setup in your new or renovated bathroom.

Baths of Distinction 59″ CoreAcryl Hotel Collection Double Slipper Clawfoot Tub

This is a very interesting style claw foot bathtub that two people can lounge in at the same time thanks to its unique double slipper design. It is a very interesting looking bathtub to say the least. This style bathtub is different from some of the other claw tooth model bathtubs because it can be used in both classic and more modern bathroom settings.

It is one tough and very durable bathtub too. This is due in part because of its special ‘CoreAcryl’ body construction which makes for a strong bodied bathtub but at the same time keeps it lighter too. The pedestal feet on this bathtub are also made of cast iron to give it strength and they are chrome coated to enhance this tubs looks too.

This bathtub is a full 59 inches long and has a nice soaking depth of 25 inches at the center of it.

One nice bonus that you get with this claw foot slipper tub is that it comes complete with an Edwardian faucet set. These chrome fixtures include the faucets, main drain and hand held shower. This gives this bathtub a very unique look once these fixtures have been added to it.

The MAYKKE Gibson

Here is another nicely designed claw tooth slipper tub. It will enhance the looks of any style of bathroom it is placed in. This tub has the more traditional vintage type of look that many claw foot tub owners prefer. It is not only a highly decorative bathtub but it also is great to soak in too.

This is a tub that is constructed using a more traditional cast iron frame that is coated with porcelain. That means you are getting one of the most durable types of claw foot bath products you can buy. The porcelain also adds smoothness to the surface and some shine to this tub also.

The Chrome claw feet on this bathtub have what is called an oil rubbed finish to them too. This helps to further enhance the already good looks of this elegantly styled pedestal bathtub. We all agreed we would highly consider this model bathtub if we were looking to create an old fashioned theme in one of the bathrooms in our homes.




Now we will take a look at some much more conventional bathtubs and more specifically the drop-in bathtub in particular. These tubs do not offer you the looks and versatility of freestanding bathtubs but they are priced right and fit good both along the walls or in any corner of the bathrooms they are placed in.

Drop in tubs do not come complete like freestanding tubs do. As they name implies they are set into a frame that a carpenter has to build. These frames are usually tiled but that does not mean that is the only way they are built. Many times people will place them in casings that have wood or other decorative material on the sides. They can be square or rounded in shape too.

Here are three of the best bath tubs that you can drop into a decorative casing:

American Standard Evolution Bathtub with Dual Molded-In Arm Rests

This is a very good drop-in bathtub design that incorporates many nice features into this model tub. It is a solid acrylic tub that is made even stronger thanks to its generous amount of fiberglass backing. We all liked the way this tub looks and functions.

One of the nicest features on this drop-in bathtub is the fact that it has molded in armrests. This makes it a very nice bathtub to comfortable soak in. The molded in armrests are ergonomically designed to support your arms in a way that naturally takes the weight off them as you take a bath.

Weighing just 75 pounds makes this drop-in model bathtub very easy to put in place and install. The bottom of the tub itself is made so that it comes from the factory perfectly leveled already. It is a deep but narrow tub that is designed to make whole body soaking possible even in smaller bathrooms.

It also comes with a spillway type faucet and you can order a very nice reversible main drain for it too. American Standard sweetens the deal even further with this model by including a limited lifetime warranty with it.

Kohler K-1121-0 Underscore Drop-In/Undermount Bathtub

This is the first Kohler product on our list of best bathtub brands but rest assured it won’t be the last. That is because Kohler has an outstanding reputation for making quality sinks, quality bathroom fixtures and the best bathtubs you will find. This drop-in bathtub certainly will not disappoint you if you purchase it.

This drop-in model bathtub is very versatile in the types of bathroom surroundings that it will go well with. It is a simplistic yet contemporary design that will nicely accent any bathroom it is placed in. This bathtub also has slightly rounded side contours to it that make it a little more decorative than most standard rectangular style drop-in bathtubs that you see.

Kohler has chosen wisely to make this drop-in bathtub out of acrylic to give it strength and durability. They have also added a layer of fiberglass backing to further enhance these qualities. This model tub comes in four different acrylic color choices also.

Its slotted overflow valve is placed up high on the end of this tub to allow you to soak very deeply in it. You can also lie very comfortably against its slightly sloping back rest as you soak in this model tub. We really like the design job Kohler did with this excellent drop-in bathtub.

American Standard 7236V002.020 Evolution Bathtub with Form Fitted Back Rest

Here is another very popular American Standard drop-in bathtub. This model not only looks great but is very comfortable and functional too. It has all the qualities that anyone could possible want in a drop-in bathtub.

The appeal of this nicely designed drop-in bathtub starts with the way it is constructed. It is an all acrylic shell bathtub that is backed up with fiberglass reinforcement to give it excellent strength and durability. This bathtub is versatile too because it can be installed as a drop-in or undermount style tub.

It is a comfortable bathtub to use also. This model drop-in tub has ergonomically designed molded armrests and a contoured back rest to help make soaking in it much more enjoyable. Adding to its comfort is the high overflow drain that allows you to get maximum height on the water level as you fully immerse yourself in this bathtub.

This drop-in bathtub is also factory pre-leveled to make installation of it a snap and it also comes in a variety of different acrylic colors. Nice job here on the design of this drop-in bathtub by American Standard.




Recessed bathtubs are sometimes called ‘alcove’ bathtubs too. That is because unlike drop-in tubs, recessed bathtubs can stand alone without framework and are skirted on one side. They usually are placed in areas where one of their sides and both ends butt up against a wall. They are among the least expensive bathtubs and also among the easiest to install too. These tubs are not as common as drop-in bathtubs are in homes but are perfect to use in situations where space savings is a major consideration.

One of the big problems with recessed bathtubs is their plumbing is hard to get to once they are installed. That means if you have a leak under the tub you will have to take off the skirt and try to squeeze into a small space to make a repair. With that being said, it is often worth the risk to install one of these recessed model tubs because they look great and tend to save space in a smaller sized bathroom.

Here are a few superior recessed bathtub models:

KOHLER K-1123-RA-0 Archer 5-Foot Bath with Comfort Depth Design

Here is yet another fine Kohler bathtub product on our review list of the best bathtub models. This is a rectangular tub but it is nicely enhanced with some contoured corners and an atypical interior shape. It is a very pleasing bathtub to look at and will perfectly enhance any bathroom that it is recessed into.

It’s a very comfortable recessed bathtub to soak in. One of its main features is its soaking height thanks to the high positioning of its slotted overflow valve. It makes this tub have the same water height as a standard 21 inch deep soaking tub. There is also a contoured back rest to increase your comfort as you soak in this tub even more.

It is an all acrylic material bathtub so it should last a long time and that also makes it easier to move around and install. This nicely designed recessed bath tub comes in a variety of different colors too.

It also features a textured nonslip bottom surface and has a low step over height despite the fact that it is considered a deep soaking bathtub. The manufacturer backs this tub up with a generous warranty also.

American Standard 2461.002.020 Cambridge 5-Feet Bath Tub

Here is another space saving recessed model bathtub that is very well designed. You would expect nothing less from a reputable bathtub manufacturer like American Standard. It is also a very affordable recessed bathtub for one that looks as good as it does.

This model bathtub is made out of what American standard calls its ‘Americast’ product. That is what helps keep it sturdy but also keep its cost and weight down when compared to other metal cast bathtubs. The Americast material is coated with a high gloss porcelain finish to give it the appealing exterior look it has.

In looking at this model recessed bathtub it also appears to be very easy to install which is a big bonus. It includes a full integral front apron and even includes handy tile flanges to keep it in place as you are tiling around it.

The inside of this recessed bathtub is nice too. It features a very slip resistant bottom finish to help keep you safe as you get in and out of it. There is also a contoured back support and other features to help make it comfortable as you are soaking in it.

Sterling Plumbing 61041120-0 All Pro Bathtub

Here is another fine recessed bathtub that fits a standard five feet opening. It is made in an easy to install fashion and is specifically designed to give you a comfortable bathtub to soak in at an affordable price. It is simplistic in looks so it will go well in just about any bathroom setting.

This bathtub product has a highly durable finish on it that tends to help make it scratch resistant and hide any scratch marks you do happen to get on its surface. It’s made using what Sterling Plumbing calls a solid Vikrell material to help it give it durability so it will hold up well for many years to come. This is a very solidly built tub.

Included with this tub are such things as a 15 inch front facing skirt and brace supports for the underside of it. That helps make it very easy to install too. There is no included plumbing with it but that is not a problem because all the openings that are cut into the tub are standard sized.

If you are looking for a very affordable recessed bathtub than you really cannot get much better than this bathtub model in our opinion.




No matter what style bathtub you decide is right for a bathroom in your new home or when renovating, there are several bathtub characteristics which must be considered when shopping for your new bathtub.

Here are few key bathtub characteristics that are important to consider when buying a new bathtub:

  • Cost

Bathtubs can range anywhere in price from a few hundred dollars up to several thousand dollars. There are many to choose from in each price range also. To help make shopping for a new bathtub easier set a budget so you don’t waste time looking at tub models you are never going to buy in the first place.

  • Bathtub Size/Bathroom Size

These two factors kind of go hand in hand and that is why we listed them together. A bathtub that is too big for the amount of space you have can really make the looks of your bathroom feel cramped and uncomfortable. The opposite is true also. A bathtub that is too small for the setting it is placed in can be detrimental to the overall look you are trying to achieve in your bathroom too.

  • Bathtub Type

There is a good possibility that before you read this article you were not aware of how many different bathtub types that there is. Now you know that there is a bathtub design that can really drastically change the looks of any bathroom they are placed in. Put some thought into this part of the selection process so you purchase a bathtub that perfectly complements the look you want in your new or renovated bathroom.

  • Bathtub Shape

There are a lot of different shapes of bathtubs out there besides the traditional square shape that most people imagine when they think of a bathtub. Sure, square tubs certainly have their place in bathroom décor but so do freestanding tubs, slipper tubs, oval tubs and triangular tubs. So don’t limit yourself when it comes to the shape of the bathtub you consider installing. Just about any shape of bathtub you can envision is out there for sale in the plumbing marketplace.

  • Shell

There are many different bathtub shell materials to choose from these days. Acrylics will give you durability and help cut down on the cost of your new bathtub too. There are still the more traditional porcelain coated cast metal tubs available that will last forever and newer space age materials that tubs are made out of these days also. Don’t forget to consider the shell thickness of any bathtub that you are thinking about purchasing too.

  • Skirting/Skirt Direction

No all bathtub types have skirting as we mentioned before but for the models that do you need to know some important information about the skirts on them. This is especially true if you are buying a recessed bathtub that only has a skirt on one long side because you have to know the drain position as it relates to the skirting. If you get the drain position wrong on the model you purchase it can make it very difficult to plumb your new bathtub.

  • Color

Color is a lot like size when it comes to bathtubs. The right color choice can make a bathtub perfectly compliment the bathroom it is placed in. the opposite is quite true also. If you choose a color that clashes with the other bathroom surroundings it can make your bathtub become too prominent in the setting. So be very careful when it comes to the color choice of your new bathtub.

  • Ease Of Installation

This one is especially important if you want to build your new bathroom or renovate your old bathroom yourself. You don’t want to buy a bathtub that is extremely difficult to install. Find one that is setup perfectly for the space it is going in and also setup the exact way that you want to do your plumbing installation. It will also help if the fixtures for it are included right in the package.

  • Warranty

Some bathtubs can be so expensive that they are more of an investment. That is the type of purchase that you really want to give yourself the most peace of mind when making it. That is exactly what a good bathtub warranty will give you. So make sure you are aware of the warranty that goes with any model bathtub that you are thinking about purchasing.


Without a doubt choosing a bathtub that gives you the desired look you want in a bathroom is not easy. There are hundreds and hundreds of different choices in the bathtub marketplace. We have tried to make the process easier for you by identifying some very good bathtubs in the four most popular styles. If you don’t think any of these models meets your needs, then follow the advice in the buying guide here and you should be able to find a tub that fits perfectly in your new or remodeled bathroom setting.

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