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My name is Ayden and you must be wondering, why would anyone be this passionate about toilets?

Well, I grew up in a poor family and my dad was a plumber. Going to the restroom was a task that wasn’t particularly enjoyable, especially when I used to see him install the latest toilet designs in his costumer’s bathrooms.

I still remember the toilet we had growing up! it was just a standard toilet with cheap plastic seat that used to squeak every time we used it and wasn’t very comfortable. I never though much of it growing up.

It all started when I was 19 and went to Japan on a trip. There, I discovered their AMAZING toilets with integrated bidets, heated seats and automatic flushes. I wondered why I haven’t seen any of those toilets back home. I mean, sure my family couldn’t afford it, but I had never, ever seen anything like it in all my life.

And let me tell you, BIDETS are absolutely FANTASTICS. The first time can be weird because you’re not expecting that weird sensation when the water hits your skin, but I can guarantee that you’ll never want to use toilet paper ever again!

Then, when I came back home, I had the chance to work at an innovative electricity appliance company, and they had automatic toilets in that facility. It was a different model than the one I had the chance to try in Japan, but it was incredible nonetheless.

I saved up for 3 months and finally bought one. I spent some time researching different brands and I became very knowledgeable about the best toilets and their main features. It also became my job!

When my guests try it in my place, they’re always pleasantly surprised . One little trick I learned throughout the years is to never warn them about the water pressure feature, and I usually set it on high pressure, and when they use it I get to have a laugh when I hear them scream and start laughing uncontrollably.

Some of my guests ended up getting toilets from other brands, and I got to test them thoroughly to make the best unbiased toilet reviews.

Anyways, that’s my toilet story!  I would also like TOILET you know (pun intended, sorry!) that if you have any questions on this topic, just use the comment section form and I’ll reply ASAP

Hope my guides help you choose the perfect toilet for YOUR needs and make your toilet business enjoyable and stress free!