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Are you looking for some design tips to improve your bathroom? We have some really helpful professional tips to share with you. When you go through them, you will get a clear idea about what you need to do.

Whether you are tired of the outdated look or are staging a home for a sale, the bathroom is an excellent start. Despite being functional, you can always make it visually pleasing and stylish.

Let’s find out more!

Benefits of improving your bathroom

The bathroom is the place where you can relax and enjoy a hot shower, after a long day. On the other hand, you require functionality during the morning rush. Some homeowners want to improve their home to get a better sale price. No matter what your reasons are, bathroom improvements bring many benefits.

Increase market value

If you plan to sell your home in the near future, a bathroom improvement is a great decision. This is usually one of the rooms that draw the most attention, together with the kitchen. Outdated bathrooms with leaky faucets are a thing that will turn away any potential buyer. Keep in mind that energy-saving features can help you get a higher return on investment.

Get the style that you want

If you don’t enjoy the current style, feel free to change it. This is very helpful if you moved into a new home and can’t find anything common with the taste of the previous owner.


If there is something that you don’t like about the functionality, you can fix it. If you would like a spacious room, then you can remove some features or opt for a better layout. Also, you can get rid of any potential unsafe features.

When you already have your reasons for doing improvement you should determine the right direction. There are so many ways to improve the bathroom, depending on the budget and preferences. Let’s go through each one of these ideas to determine the right ones for you!

1.Decorate with plants

If you love greenery, the chances that your home is full of plants are huge. But, you still haven’t thought of decorating the bathroom with them. Adding greenery is the trick that works for any space. It will help you add life and positive vibes to a sterile-looking room.

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However, you must be careful with this one. Bathrooms are not like the rest of your home. To keep your privacy, you probably have one tiny window that doesn’t provide much sunlight. Some bathrooms are oriented towards the inner part of the home, leaving you with no window at all. Also, the constant water flow creates a high percentage of humidity in the air.

Not every plant can bear the harsh conditions, such as excess humidity and lack of sunlight. But, this doesn’t have to stop you from bringing greenery into the bathroom. These are the perfect plants that find these specific conditions perfect:

  • Ferns grow in a humid climate, so they are the perfect fit. Plus, they have a specific look that will bring the jungle vibe in the bathroom.
  • Peace Lily requires high levels of humidity to thrive. It only requires watering once a week and doesn’t need much sunlight.
  • Orchids are difficult to maintain, so many people avoid them. But, keep in mind that the bathroom mimics their natural habitat.
  • Snake plants will love the bathroom. Another great benefit of having them is their air-purifying ability. These plants will absorb chemicals from the air.
  • Bamboo can thrive in poor light too, so feel free to go for it.

Tip: Succulents are everyone’s favorite indoor plants. But, keep in mind that they are not the right choice for the bathroom. The high moisture levels can actually kill them.

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2. Play with tile layout and textures

The tiles are very important, as they set the look of the space. The proper tile choice will bring the exact feeling that you want, such as natural, modern, sleek, or elegant. There are so many different choices, which can make you feel overwhelmed. The following tips should give you a clear direction before you move on:

  1. If you have already picked a focal point, go for neutral tiling. This would act as a backdrop and make your focus object stand out. For example, you might plan to install a free-standing tub or an outstanding vanity. Neutral tiling won’t take the attention away from your focal point. Instead, it will enhance its special features.
  1. If your bathroom is simple, make a statement with unique tiling. You can create a mix of up to three complementing tile designs. Only one of them should be statement tile, and others can have simple textures or complementing colors.
  1. Don’t forget that you need to pick proper floor tiles too. If the wall tiles are already bold, pick simple ones for the floor. You don’t want to end up with a busy look.
  1. Grout is not only a filler for the seams. If you use it cleverly, it can enhance the look of the tiles. Light tiles contrasted with dark grout will create visual interest. If you don’t want to have the bold look, go for a slightly lighter or darker color.

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Tile layout

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This is the simplest layout, where you lay the tiles in straight lines. It is perfect if you want to put the focus off the tiles. Use it behind bold bathroom elements that need to stand out.



The Diagonal layout is very similar to the Straight one. The only difference is that the tiles are positioned on a 45-degree angle. It can make the space visually bigger, which is its main advantage. If you have a small bathroom this would be your perfect pick.



If you prefer rectangle tiles, the Herringbone layout is a good pick. The tiles are laid in a 45-degree angle, resembling the look of the bones of a herring fish. It adds movement and dynamics, while not looking too busy. The best advantage is that it can fit any style.


Basket Weave

The Basket Weave starts with two or three rectangular tiles that form a square. They are followed by the same combination laid at 90 degrees to the first one. The texture resembles a woven basket and looks playful.




3. Consider a freestanding tub

A freestanding bathtub is one of the trends that you should consider. Think of a large antique tub placed on a pedestal as the ultimate focal point in the bathroom. Or, consider a minimalist sleek design with rounded curves. It can suit an elegant and modern style too, so make sure that you find the perfect design for your bathroom.

A freestanding tub is less expensive to install, compare to built-in designs. The excess materials and labor needed for the caulk and build-in process will add up to the cost of built-in tubs. Plus, your contractors will finish the job in less time.

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4. Bathroom wallpaper

Wallpapers are always a great way to add a pop of color in the home. And you would want to consider them for the bathroom too. Homeowners would typically avoid placing wallpaper in an area with high humidity. But, this shouldn’t limit you.

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The truth is that the usual wallpaper won’t stand the moisture. Bathrooms have ventilation systems and windows, but this won’t stop the humidity from destroying your precious wallpaper. This means that you should use wallpaper that is specially designed for the bathroom. Make sure that the one that you are buying is marked as water-resistant.

An eye-catching pattern will create the sense that you have invested tons of money. Pick the design according to the bathroom elements. If you are afraid that the end result might be too busy, combine simple tiles with a pattern. Or, you can create turn one of the walls into an accent wall with an outstanding design.

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5. Add a statement mirror

If you think that your bathroom is missing the wow effect, you need to add a dose of glam. The easiest way to do this is to hang a statement mirror. It will instantly lift up the bathroom decor and take it to a higher level.

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Choose the right shape

A decorative mirror will draw all the attention. If you want to add the elegant vibe, avoid using the usual rectangular-shaped mirrors. Instead, opt for a round or oval shape. The curves look more soothing to the eye.

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Pick a decorative frame

It is not only the mirror itself that does the magic. A decorative frame is a secret trick that works anytime. Picking the right one is crucial for a tasteful and stylish look. Otherwise, this decorative element will look like it is the odd one in the room. Follow these tips to make the right choice:

  1. Make sure that you match the metal frame to the hardware. Use the same metal tone for the frame and the faucet. This will result in a cohesive and stylish look.
  1. Incorporate your bathroom theme. In a beach-themed space, add a frame that is decorated with twine rope or seashells. For elegant bathrooms, add a vintage frame that looks like it came from the Victorian era.
  1. Sometimes, bold mirrors won’t leave you space for light fixtures. This means that you will rely on the ceiling lights only.
  1. A large mirror equals lots of stains. If you don’t have the time to clean it on a daily basis, go for a smaller one. Place it higher above the sink to avoid the water drops that leave ugly white stains.

6. Add color and warmth with rugs

Adding a colorful rug in the bathroom is one of the secret tricks that professionals love. A patterned rug will add the cozy feeling that you really want. Not many will think of this, so it is worth giving a try. Especially if you are after a unique and stylish look.

 You probably hate stepping with your feet on the cold tiles. This is where the functionality steps in. A rug will not only look gorgeous, but it will keep your feet warm and away from direct contact with the cold tiles.

A sterile-looking space like the bathroom will benefit the colorfulness of a Persian rug. The texture will contrast the smooth tiles and add dimension. Keep in mind that a Bohemian or an Aztec print will work too. Any pattern will break down the monotonous look of the neutral tiles.

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7. Get decorative soap and shampoo bottles

Cluttered countertops can be a huge problem. The liquid soap, shampoo, and hair conditioner come with an original plastic package that looks ugly. And it certainly won’t fit in the idea of having a sleek space. When you enter the bathroom, you will instantly notice them. Cluttered countertops are the main reason why your bathroom looks so messy.

But, there is a very simple solution to this problem. Invest in a decorative set of bottles, a dispenser for liquid soap and a soap tray. Keep the products in the medicine cabinet and refill the bottles when needed.

Professional decorators use this trick to make the bathroom visually pleasing. Feel free to play with colors and textures, and make sure that the bottles contrast the countertops. Don’t forget to clean them occasionally to avoid the ugly water stains.

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8. Make a statement with a stylish vanity

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If you have the functionality on your mind when picking a statement piece for the bathroom, pick a stylish vanity. This important piece will help you bring your space together. But only if you make the right choice. Consider these important tips when buying a vanity:

Determine your needs

If you want to pick a functional vanity, you will have to consider your needs first. Think about whether you have other storage options, or is the vanity the only thing that you have. When this is the case, you should pick a vanity with more drawers and cabinets. If you want to avoid the rush in the mornings, you might want to consider having two sinks.

Right dimensions

Picking the right height and width is very important. And it means that you should pick a proportionate size that fits perfectly in your bathroom. Since you aren’t working with a spacious room, you should be very careful with it.

It is very important that you take the right measurements. Consider the obstacles and the doors. You should be able to move freely around without bumping into anything.  The door should open without hitting the vanity, as this can damage the surface and chip the paint. Also, make sure that you can comfortably open the drawers and cabinets.


The position of the plumbing can be a limit. Depending on where it is located, it can narrow down the possibilities. Have in mind that moving the current plumbing can be an expensive project. A freestanding vanity can cover the plumbing, while a wall-mounted one requires more work and additional costs. Also, don’t forget plumbing when it comes to installing your toilet.


A brand new countertop can freshen up the bathroom and make it stylish. Both beauty and durability are key factors that you should consider. There are different materials available, so you can pick according to your taste, budget, and needs.

These are the most commonly used countertop materials:

  • Laminate countertops are an inexpensive and budget-friendly option. They come in different colors and patterns, so you are free to choose the suitable one.
  • Ceramic tiles are another popular option among homeowners. While it is considered as a premium option, it is pretty affordable. You will get to choose from the many different designs and find the perfect one that suits your preferred style. Plus, installing tiles is a relatively easy project that you can complete by yourself.
  • Solid surface materials are made of acrylic, polyester, and resins. They are an artificial replacement of stone. However, keep in mind that they look less elegant than the real thing. This kind of material can be easily fixed if any scratches occur. But, be careful with heat tools such as curling irons. They can damage the surface.
  • Natural stone is a premium material. You can choose from the most popular options such as marble, granite, onyx, soapstone, limestone, and others. Each one has its own advantages and disadvantages, but they all bring a sense of luxury in the space. If you want a unique pattern that no one else has, you can go for marble or granite. But, keep in mind that picking a natural stone for a countertop means that you will have to splurge.
  • Concrete countertops are becoming highly popular. And not only industrial styles are keen on it, as the material is durable and trendy. Keep in mind that you need to hire a special contractor that works with this material. Also, there is no way to fix cracks and damage so you will have to replace the whole countertop.

9. Pick a sink

The right sink will enhance the style and blend perfectly into the space. There are so many materials to choose from, so you can keep it within your preferred style.

  • Ceramic sinks are recommended for long-run use. The surface is prone to damage, such as chipping and scratches. And the best part is that the process of cleaning is very easy. This makes it perfect for busy people that don’t have enough time to clean on a daily basis.
  • Porcelain sinks are durable but can be damaged. You should avoid placing a sharp object inside, as the surface can be easily scratched. Clean it on a daily basis to remove the ugly stains.
  • Natural stone sinks look so luxurious. Granite, marble, and onyx are the most popular choices. However, keep in mind that they can be costly. Plus, they require frequent cleaning without harsh chemicals.
  • A stainless steel sink isn’t only a good choice for the kitchen. It is durable and resistant to stains and corrosion. However, some scratches might appear if you aren’t careful enough. The sleek look can be paired with any countertops of your choice.
  • Wooden sinks will complement a natural style. The wooden tone brings a dose of warmth. Keep in mind that the color might get darker over time. Proper maintenance is crucial, so your wooden sink will need special treatment with oil a few times a year.
  • Resin sinks can be made in any shape and size. The artificial stone comes in a variety of designs, while most of them would fit sleek and minimalist bathrooms.

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10. Replace the faucets

Old and rusty faucets will break the look of a sleek bathroom. Many will underrate these, but you should avoid doing this. Faucets and other fixtures can lift up the style, as we know that the details are important. While you look at their decorative characteristics, make sure that you check the technical aspect as well.

Consider the following tips:


When you are buying a new faucet, make sure that you get the same installation type that you already have. This is very important, as you won’t need excess effort to fit the new faucet. Some are mounted into the sink, and some on the wall. If your faucet is wall-mounted, make sure that you have the right height. If it is positioned too high the water will be splashing around.


You should never underestimate the design. Getting a random faucet won’t look stylish and cohesive at all. For a modern bathroom, get a sleek and minimalist design with straight lines. For other styles, experiment with vintage design decorated with details. Check different styles and find the one that works the best.


There is one little detail that makes a huge difference-the finish. Professional designers would recommend you to use the same finish for all the elements in the bathroom. This will create a sense of harmony and a cohesive look as well. If you already have brass elements, don’t choose a sleek faucet with a chrome finish.

Make sure that you coordinate the faucets, cabinet knobs, and towel holders. For an elegant look, you can pick bronze, golden finish, or black matte hardware. It all depends on whether you are after the sleek metallic look, or you want to add a dose of warmth to traditional styles with golden undertones. Stick with black and chrome for modern designs.

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